"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The forget me not garden...

Our garden at Cranberry Cottage has a number of flowers that are not for the faint hearted gardener. The are plants to seed themselves each year and surprise you are to where they decide to reside in that coming season. Some of these are foxgloves, aquilegia and forget me nots. The forget me nots are in full season now. What started as one small plant has become a field of dainty blue blossoms all over our garden.

They invade this winding path to the side of the garden this year but I have decided we will just have to step over them until the blossoms fade and reseed themselves. This photo was taken at the earliest time of the season and forget me nots had not yet started to bloom. Now the path is blue and makes me smile. In the Victorian 'language of flowers', the forget me not is the symbol of true love. Perhaps a must for any passionate garden?

Our blueberry bush is full of little green berries this year. We never see them turn to blue as the birds have long enjoyed them as a feest before we can even see them...

The old rhododendron bush put on a glorious show again this year. It really likes the soil of our garden on the edge of the woods. We planted 4 very tiny new bushes we purchased for only 1,75 euro each at Aldi. We thought since they were not expensive, we would chance it and see if they would grown. To our surprise this year, they are all four still extremely small but full of blossoms.

This hebe bush has a look of heather which is why I placed it in our garden when we started to plant it. I wish I had written down the variety and no longer know what it is called. Does anyone happen to know?

Our garden sign was so faded that you could no longer read it. The wire to hang it had rusted away. So I brought it home with me and we put new wire on it and searched for some paint. We only had black on hand but I still love how it came up. Now it is ready to greet friends for a few seasons to come once again...


Elizabethd said...

Forget me nots are very forgiving. I ahve had to pull all my self seeded ones up, but I can see that there are already tiny new leaves appearing! Pretty, but invasive too.

Unknown said...

I love Forget Me Nots, they do end up everywhere, which isn't good for my current situation. You have many of the same plants that grow here in the Pacific Northwest. Linda

Reginas Cottage said...

Dear Heidi,
I love Forget Me Nots!!!!!!!!!!!
You have loveley plants in your garden.How the weather?Here we have
rainy and cold days...to cold for june.
I wish you a very ,very nice weekend
bear hugs,Regina

Nancy said...

I love forget me not flowers. Your's are so pretty. I really like the second picture you took. It could be framed. Why don't you, and hang it in your garden.
All are very nice.
Love you, Mom

DonnaTN said...

Your garden is lovely. The forget me nots are such a pretty flower. I think you have a green thumb as well as stitchy fingers! Thank you for the email. I was out of town for a week and am still trying to get caught up.

Ginny said...

I always love seeing your garden, it is a delicious feast for the eyes. It's always exciting to see which plants come up the next year!

Carolien said...

Good morning Heidi,

Your garden at CC looks lovely!
Thank you for inviting me in the quilt group, I really liked it yesterday!!! How nice to see Sonja again too ...
I feel a certain itch to go for that Sinterklaas quilt too, I think my MB has to wait a little while :) Oh, I love Sinterklaas, sigh.
I look forward to next week already :)

Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

angelasweby said...

What beautiful pictures of your flowers Heidi and I love the new look on the pretty Garden sign. Everything is coming up like triffids after the sunshine and rain we have had!
The forget me nots are so pretty.
Angela xx

hazel c UK said...

I love all the self seeded flowers and have only just pulled my forget me nots and shook the seed, grannies bonnets and welsh poppies are all around me, I love any flower and have spent a pleasant couple of hours today sitting in the garden watching the bees on the plants, amazing.
Hazel (UK)

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

I'm stitching some blue forget me nots this weekend on a bag!
Love this post...


Mary said...

Hello dear Heidi - I've not forgotten you, just been away on that amazing trip. Am now posting about the beauty of the African countries I visited....the gentle people, gorgeous places we stayed, and of course the wildlife, wow! what a fabulous time!

Will catch up on your posts I've missed as I'm wondering if you've moved yet.

Hope life is good and you are having a lovely Spring in Holland.
Love, Mary

Simple Home said...

I love your garden photos. I wish we could have a garden like that, but it would cost us an arm and a leg to water.