"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Uncle March's library.....

I love books and libraries. But I love the libraries of old that are a beauty unto themselves. I love the smell of a book...the feel of a book in my hands as I read.

We will be moving in the autumn and I have decided to start packing up my bookshelves. I want to do this myself and need to take time for it, so in the terrible heat we are having this week here in Holland, I am packing book boxes. These are special boxes made for books. Jos will then take down our bookshelves. It will mean living with things packed for the coming months but that is okay. There is a sadness of not being able to see my precious books though. I am pulling out a few books along the way to read in the coming months.

I am considering how I am going to be decorating in the new house and one of the things we have discussed is the fact that I have an extra room in our new house. Jos asked if I wanted to finally create a library which is something that I have always dreamed of having. The only thing is that this room is up on the top floor of the three story home but still I am considering it.

Have you ever dreamed of having a library? Or perhaps you already have one or a reading room? I love going to look at libraries in manor houses and castles. One of my favorites was at the Château de Chantilly just north of Paris. This room is breathtaking as you can see from the photo. When our tour guide took us into this room, I never wanted to leave again. I have never forgotten it years later...

As part of my All Things Alcott challenge for this year, I am rereading 'Little Women'. I really do love this book! I will be using it for a post later on its own but was struck by how fitting the description is of Uncle March's library to this entry...

"I suspect that the real attraction was a large library
of fine books, which was left to dust and spiders since
Uncle March died. Jo remembered the kind old gentleman, who
used to let her build railroads and bridges with his big
dictionaries, tell her stories about queer pictures in his
Latin books, and buy her cards of gingerbread whenever he
met her in the street. The dim, dusty room, with the busts
staring down from the tall bookcases, the cozy chairs, the
globes, and best of all, the wilderness of books in which
she could wander where she liked, made the library a region
of bliss to her."


Nancy said...

Oh yes, you should do it. You have been dreaming of a library forever. Even if someday you have to change it, you can.
Yes, you will not like looking at books instead of boxes, but you can be planning every step of where things will go.
Remember, when we moved, (and with your Military Dad, that was often) we
always had in our head where everything would go and then in came the boxes and off we went.
Love you, Mom

Elizabethd said...

A library! What a wonderful room to have. When you move into the house I'm sure you will feel exactly which room should be chosen.

Jenny said...

Books are very special friends to me and I always have fond memories associated with them. One of my most prized treasures is the floor to ceiling bookshelf my husband built for me after we moved into our house. It is now full to capacity and then some...grins... A library of your very own sounds like a dream come true. How fun to be thinking and planning for that as you continue the task of packing up your books. I know that if you decide to do it you will make it warm and cozy and very inviting....someplace Jo would love to visit especially while Aunt March was having one of her naps...Have a happy day Heidi dreaming of your library.

onlymehere said...

I've always wanted a library. I love to read but now that I work on a computer all day it's hard for me to read after. I read documents all day long on the monitor and edit them and my eyes just get so tired that I can't see straight! I hope you do get your library. I agree that there's nothing like the feel, smell, etc. of holding and reading a real book. I guess this is why the Kindle doesn't appeal to me at all. You're smart to get a jump on the move too.

Saskia said...

Hmmm, great idea. Your own Library. Even if its on the third floor. your rocking chair and all your books. Have a little table with tea cups and a lovely old fashion teapot/tea cooker (will mail you a photo later, its on my wishlist too) and I will come over with my little backpack, air mattress and not leave... EVER!

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

I love books too!

We have a partial finished basement level and I have a "reading room" there where my desk and books are. I even have a sofa there if I want to get away from the TV for a while. Right now though I'm straightening my reading area/office so I can enjoy it again. It collects more laundry than books.


DonnaTN said...

Many years ago when I worked for a lady pathologist I would get to go over to the medical library a few blocks away. I loved having to go and would stay there as long as I could! The feel and smell of the old place was wonderful. It is housed in a newer bigger building now.

Linda said...

I love books too and wouldn't a library be wonderful..a room full of friends. I'd just love a library cabinet, one with glass, just haven't found the right one. Heidi, it's good your starting to get ready for your move now, you know how time flies hugs. ,Linda

Ginny said...

Oh, yes, I have dreamed of having a library! We have bookshelves in the basement, in the office (hubby's room), in the master bedroom, in the craft room . . . and books in nearly every room except the bathrooms! I have thought that once we have an empty bedroom, I might haul the bookcases up from the basement and finally get most of the books in one place. Meanwhile, I keep buying, borrowing, and reading!

Simple Home said...

I think you should make it a library too. My uncle was a teacher, and never married. He lived in a small home, but when you walked in, it was wall to wall bookshelves filled with books. He read them all. He has always loved books, and even now that he is living in a Veterans home, he still sends me books from time to time because he knows about my love for books and that my children are homeschooled and love to read. I think you'd truly enjoy having your own library :-)

Susan in SC said...

I love books too. I think a library would be heavenly for you. I would go for it!

Melanie said...

I would love to have a library in my house! I have hundreds of books. We will be starting a re-do in our basement/family room soon and I'm hoping to purchase special bookcases from IKEA to stylishly hold all my books. However, there'll also be a big TV, Tim's drum set, etc., so it won't exactly be a library! ;-)