"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did I say I hate laminate flooring???

Yes, I have always said I hate laminate flooring. I had it in my previous home upstairs in the bedrooms. It was a light beech and terrible for always looking dirty as well as sounding awful when you walked on it. When I was told by my doctor this month that I have an allergy to dust mite and need to get the carpeting upstairs replaced, we had choices. We could take up the carpet and use the even more awful yellow vinyl floor already down which is exactly what was on the floor in the rehabilitation center physical therapy room where I spent four years working on my bad back and condition for fibromyalgia. Not an option!

We could have new vinyl flooring laid in a nicer pattern but Jos hates vinyl flooring so ... not an option.

We could invest money in a real wood floor ... not an option.

We could go pick out laminate flooring and have it laid quickly by a man that is going to come in just over a week. Now I first said no but everyone says laminate is not like it used to be. I have same floor as our previous home in Cranberry Cottage. It is still for sale and extremely cheap to buy but not very nice. We went off to the DIY market yesterday and were surprised at how much choice there is now in laminate. The man that is laying the floor gave us lots of good advice on choosing the floor.

Nowadays, they even make the laminate with V groves so it looks so much like a real wood floor. But I have to have something we can clean well and keep as dust free as possible so we choose a smooth French antique gray oak floor. Sorry for the glare on the photo. I took it through the plastic packaging. We like how this floor seemed to come to life as there are many tones in the floor and had a matte finish. We wanted to keep the upstairs light too. I am anxious to see how this will look. It is a little frightening after always not wanting a laminate floor.

The dust mite allergy is what caused my chronic airways infection. I am now using asthma medication which is helping wonderfully. At the moment, I am busy working on special giveaway gifts in my quilt studio which is really hard on my breathing. I will not only be getting rid of the carpet but must also reduce my fabric stash in the studio.

So once again, my house will be in total disorder for the coming two weeks. It seems we only just got the repair work completed from the leak and now my downstairs will be full again with things we have to bring down from up. Yikes! I am not looking forward to this. I think I can feel a decluttering bug coming on!


Nancy said...

Well, I would love to have hardwood floors, but I would say it is never going to happen.
I bet it is going to be very pretty when it is all finished.
Now, send you man to my house to do it.
Love you, Mom

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

Another 'big business'! Good luck and I hope you will enjoy it afterwards ...

Take care & hugs, Carolien

DonnaTN said...

I'm glad you are breathing better, but how hard to have all the disruption again. At least you'll be all nice and organized when your stash has been reduced!

Ginny said...

You will love your laminate flooring. And yes, it has come a long way. We put it in our great room when we built this house, and I'm glad we did as we got a dog who sheds terribly. Carpet would be a disaster. I would like to replace the vinyl in the kitchen/dining area, which has not held up well, but right now, the money is not there. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your new floor once it's installed!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh sigh... Courage! For living with this coming bout of house disorder.


Tammy said...

Laminate has come a long way Heidi...I said the same thing when choosing a floor for my sewing room...but found flooring that looks VERY much like hardwood and must say has "fooled" quite a few people who have seen it. Now that it is here I just love it, so easy to clean esp with fabric all over and kitty fur mixed in between.
I hope the installation happens quickly and that you will not have too much disruption in your house!

Saskia said...

So in a few months, you have a complete new house. So you don't have to move... And I still have plenty of room for all your fabrics. bring it over, and you can shop at your own shop just around the corner.
I will hoover around, waiting for the give away's though!

angelasweby said...

Sometimes our old thoughts and ideas have to be revisited with a new perspective. I quite regularly surprise myself with totally different opinions to those I once had :>)
We have laminate flooring in our hallway and it's a dream to keep clean and always looks fresh. I'm sure yours will look wonderful.

It's funny the way our thoughts and our lives change, Heidi. Maybe you were beginning to get a bit weighed down by all your beautiful fabrics but would never have been able to part with them. Perhaps you need to move on to a different stage in your life so, clearing out some of your fabrics equates to clearing out and letting go. It's just a thought :>)
Warm hugs Angela

Terri said...

The flooring looks wonderful Heidi! And won't it be nice to lose those breathing problems too! That's what I call beauty and function!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so very much. I am in the process of making the "wreath" You write English so well, can I assume you were born and educated here in the US ? That may be a bit presumptutous, if so, I apologize. Your drawing sounds like fun for all. STay well and strong.


Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I would so love to be included in your drawing. Maybe if I win I will get even more inspiration to create things !. Happy Scint Day

Chris in NY

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

hey, I forgot to add that when we got all the carpet out of our house and put laminate in the kitchen and hardwood elsewhere, our allergies went almost completely away!!!!!!
So, you may can hold on to your quilt stash! LOL

Unknown said...

Heidi, I'm sure once it is all in place and you are feeling better it will all be worth it. Health comes before design. It looks like it will be very nice!
Stay well!

Siobhán said...

I would have had the same initial reaction to laminate flooring as you did, but have come to see how pretty it can be. It's very popular in Ireland, where it's often called "click clack boards" because it fits together so quickly. I read a cagillion home decorating magazines but have to admit that I can only spot very obvious laminate floors--they've really come so far. I think the flooring will be great. I like Angela's take on things, btw!