"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flea market anyone?

Now I not one to visit the local 'rommelmarkt' (flea market) that is held weekly at our cottage. I think most of what is there is just junk. But when I asked Jos on Saturday morning if he wanted to stop at the flea market before going to the grocery store, he did not have to think twice.

There was still a good deal of stuff there that I thought I would never find anything worth while. I have been searching for very small cut glass vases and have been very unsuccessful in finding them. And then...in the midst of the junk I did find a few treasures. This book is so decorative. A dealer might tear it apart for the beautiful prints it contains. I bought it for 2 euro.

These two regency miniatures are not real of course but that does not diminish their beauty. I am considering whether I should carefully paint the frames black. What do you think?

No little vases as the only one I really liked was very expensive and the woman would not bring the price down. Oh how Jos loves to haggle the prices down! He did however get the price down for these two pieces of glass to only 1,50 euro for both. A little cut glass jug and a very heavy depression glass dish with a gillyflower. They are both so beautiful. I am going to enjoy using them.

Maybe I will have to rethink my opinion of that market and stop in more often?


Linda said...


I'm not sure I would paint the frames black. I kind of like them the way they are - they complement the pictures.

Linda in VA

Susan in SC said...

I have to agree with Linda. I like the frames as they are. Love your new treasures!

DonnaTN said...

Like the other ladies, I like the frames gold. At flea markets and thrift shops I don't find the treasures for the junk!

Simple Home said...

Great finds! I love old books, and seem to buy them just because of their beautiful covers sometimes. I think the frames look good the way they are, but if you're putting them up where there are other black frames, they'd look great painted too.

Reginas Cottage said...

dear heidi,
wonderful treausures!!!!
i like it all!!!!!
have a wonderful day,
hugs regina

Elizabethd said...

What nice things you found, Heidi. I would leave the frames I think, for the moment. You can always change your mind later.

Sonja said...

That is most certainly a store you have to visit again!These treasures are beauties!
I like the frames as they are. Mayby you can do fotoshopping first to look if you would really like them in black...

Saskia said...

If that is what you can find there, I'll be there with you every day!!!
Get your idea of painting the frames black, but I'n not sure yet. Don't like gold though, but you know me..

onlymehere said...

Beautiful treasures. I like the frames the way they are but then again I'm not very brave with painting things like this.

Tracy said...

Such lovely finds, Heidi! Those golden frames are pretty as they are--and shows of the ladies well. You always find the prettiest things. That flea market would be dangerous for me... I'd start collecting again, and I left off collecting anymore after we moved--not enough space to store/display...LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Elly said...

Mooie aankopen Heidi maar denk er wel aan dat je alles mee moet verhuizen :)

Jenny said...

What wonderful treasures Heidi. I too love old books, and yours is a wonderful find. The frames are pretty the way they are, but you decorate your house so nicely that I say go with what looks best in your house. Enjoy your new treasures. My trips to the grocery store are very uneventful compared to yours...grins....Have a good weekend.

Janet said...

Yes, don't paint the frames - they are so pretty as they are. You found some lovely treasures - show us some of the prints in the book soon? OK?

Mary said...

Certainly a worthwhile stop - love the minatures (don't paint), lovely book and glass. Hope you come across the small pieces you're searching for later - it's always a treasure hunt!!

I'm posting lots of pics with stories about the African safari - the most amazing trip of my life!

Happy weekend at the cottage dear.

Dena said...

What wonderful finds! I agree, you will need to visit again :)

P.S. I LOVE your music!