"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The peace of sleeping.....

Not long ago I was asked again how I can stand having all the pillows on my bed once again. I am currently working on a piece of stitching while will be a new pillow for our bed. You can sneak a peek here. Reflecting recently on a blog post by Elizabethb about the simple pleasures of changing bed linen, I decided to reflect on my blog about this subject.

A bedroom should be a place you love. A place you come to rest and restore your body and soul. It should be a room filled with the things that you love that also bring you to a place of feeling filled with peace.

If you look at your bedroom, do you love it? If not, try and see what you need to do to change that. It does not have to take a great deal of money to create a place that pleases you. I spent money a couple of years ago on two really pretty sets of bed linen that I switch with each other.

I have much of my stitching on my bed and walls, patchwork quilts I have made both on my bed and placed around the room, pretty mirrors to reflect light, a granny square afghan my mother made for me, flowers to remind me of nature's beauty, books to read and even a reminder of childhood and a favorite aunt in a stuffed dog that is now tattered and well loved.

Each morning when I awake, I feel it is a blessing to make my bed up prettily which means I have been given another new day. It is never a chore but instead a joy!

"And if tonight my soul may find her peace
in sleep, and sink in good oblivion,
and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower
then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created."

~ D.H. Lawrence


Our Country Bungalow said...

I enjoyed your post!

I have lots of pillows on my bed because I have found lots of fabrics that I love. My latest bed indulgence has been vintage embroidered cotton pillowcases. They are so crisp and lovely to sleep on.


Elizabethd said...

Heidi, I am in complete agreement with you. My bedroom is my sanctuary, calm, peaceful, just a few books, pictures, and yes...a bear.

Jenny said...

I love your post Heidi and completely agree with you. In my room I have my first ever cross-stitch (stamped if you can believe that) my very first quilt, two sets of pillowcases that my great aunt made, my baby blankets on the back of my rocking chair, some pillows I have made and of course a few bunnies and bears :) Other things that mean something special to my husband and me are placed around the room...of course there are books too because I am always reading or stitching.....Hugs my friend....

DonnaTN said...

Your bedroom looks wonderful, a true reflection of you. The granny square afghan caught my eye right away and I love the pillow that the bear is holding. I think pillows make a bed look homey and cozy. The only problem I have with lots of pillows on the bed is finding a place for them when I sleep where the dog doesn't try to play with them!

Deborah said...

Your bedroom is lovely. Warm and cozy. I love the pillow that the bear is holding.

Jantine said...

I am afraid I have a husband who just hates pillows on the bed... so even if I wanted to, they would only remain on the floor.
Besides... I really never make the bed, even though I would love to make it, but my husbands sweets at night and I really need to air it all day! I do try to keep it cleaned up, that does indeed look better, but sometimes there will be some laundry baskets...

Nancy said...

Your bedroom is really pretty, I know, I've been there. haha.
It looks very light and bright in this picture too. I, of course, think my bedroom there is the pretty one.
I have all Amish in my home bedroom, and it is very cozy for me. You know, you made many of the things in it.
Love you, Gramma

Ginny said...

I love pillows! I've given up putting more than a few on the couches in the living room because my family just throws them on the floor. I always need to use one behind my back since I am so short. :) I agree fully about the bedroom. When I finally bought a new bedspread not long ago, it came with pillow shams, two large pillow covers (I stuffed these with plastic bags), and two smaller decorative pillows, so there isn't room for any more pillows on the bed. I do have a cedar chest that I used to have pillows on, but there is so much other stuff on there now that you can't see the pillows. Someday, though, my children will leave home, and then I'll be able to decorate their rooms however I want, and I'll probably go overboard with pillows. (I'm not anxious for that day to come!)

I think your bedroom is beautiful, and a true reflection of you.

Annie said...

I like your :
"I have been given a new day"
Yes a new day we have to fill with good things and thoughts. A new day to enjoy.

Tammy said...

Lovely post Heidi and a lovely bedroom too..thanks for sharing :)

Sonja said...

Ik had woensdag nog niet je blog gelezen, maar toevallig wel vanuit de gang je mooie slaapkamer bewonderd. Wel toevallig om dat mooie plaatje nu op je blog tegen te komen! Echt bijzonder zoals jij sfeer in je huis maakt! Compliment!