"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


...are fun in the garden. We have a sour cherry tree in the back of the garden.

It is blooming now and snowing tiny white petals...


Nancy said...

Well, I think you took our Ohio weather, and we have your Dutch weather. It is 57 degrees today, so a little better, but, still raining.
That is a beautiful tree. Wish I could see the Magpies at your back windows. Try to get their pictures. Hold the bread up with the camera so they look and wait.. hahahaha
Love Mom

Reginas Cottage said...

dear heidi,
your cherry tree it's wonderful.how the weather? here we have alldays sunshine and very warm temps for april.my soil in the garden is very dry.....i think my garden needs rain
have a nice evening,
hugs regina

Used-to-Bees said...

What beautiful blossom! The deep blue sky makes the perfect backdrop - you're obviously having the same kind of fabulous weather that we in England are enjoying!

Tammy said...

My ornamental cherry tree is just beginning to blossom.:o)
Won't it be fun this Spring to watch your new gardens come to life?

DonnaTN said...

What a lovely surprise. Who knows what little surprises may pop up in your new garden!

Ginny said...

How pretty! Thanks for sharing the picture - it boosted my spirits.

Saskia said...

Love it, Just like my little appletree. Can't stop looking at it.
So this tree will stay??

Susan in SC said...

What a beautiful cherry tree bloom. Spring is in the air, right?

Simple Home said...

So glad Murphy is staying out of your garden :-) Beautiful blooms on that tree.