"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Monday, October 31, 2011

Make do and mend Mondays

This week's Make do and Mend project is Jos' work. He had bought a gate for my garden in our previous house. You can read about that garden and what inspired it here and here.

The garden gate came with us to our new house. It has taken a year but Jos has finally put the gate in. We talked to a gardener about having him put it in but the price would be astronomical to do so. I convinced Jos that he can do more than he thinks and this among them. *grins*

He bought some pressed wood boards and had them sawed to size. He then measured and dug the size we need for the concrete posts to be made. The concrete was mixed and placed directly into the hole using the pressed wood to create the square post and the long bolts inserted into place. A couple of days allowed for the concrete to set and we had our base. The posts of the gate were screwed in place.

Gate love is a wonderful thing. *wink*

Jos wants to try and create an arch of beech now to the gated area. We have a beech hedge already and had added the extra beech on the right of the gate which you can see in the photo. It is much smaller than the established hedge but time will make up for that. We will need to find to tall beech trees with a strong central stem. These will be planted just beside each gate post and eventually connected as an arch over the gate. November is the month to plant beech so we are going to start searching for two of them at garden nurseries.

Before I go on this last Monday of October (where did this month go to so quickly?), I want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween by sharing my Halloween tree...


Unknown said...

I love the gate - it's beautiful. Jos is a many of many talents! And your Halloween tree, just perfect.

I also love the picture on your blog now - conkers!(chestnuts) We used to have lots of them where we lived when I was little. My parents and I made so many things out of them and toothpicks. Sadly none around here, so can't do it with my boys.

Unknown said...

hmm. that should have been MAN of many talents, lol.

Mac n' Janet said...

I really love your gate! My husband has been wanting to put a gate up forever and seeing yours I may have to give in.

Sonja said...

Het hek staat ook in de nieuwe tuin heel mooi! Moet alleen even een woordenboek pakken...wat is een beech hedge?...Oh, beukenhaag. Ja, dat lijkt me heel mooi! Vooral omdat de bladeren zo mooi verkleuren en er zo lang aan blijven zitten. Goed idee!!
Compliment voor het doe-het-zelf werk van Jos.

Jenny said...

Everytime I see your lovely gate Heidi I want to go and pull The Secret Garden off my shelf and reread it...grins...Jos did a great job putting it up, and it looks just beautiful in its new home! Enjoy....Hugs from CA.

hazel c UK said...

Your gate is lovely Heidi and Jos must take after you with all his talents. I love your tree and have decorated a corner of my welsh dresser this year and the little quilt I made is in the centre that you shown how to do on your blog a couple of years back (the one where you hit the centre)
I have not forgotten I own you an email.

Love Hazel

Susan in SC said...

What a man that Jos is!! I love the gate and thing the beech would be just lovely on each side.

DonnaTN said...

Your gate is lovely and will be the gateway to your secret garden when the beech arch grows. I love your Halloween tree and the quilt and wreath behind it.

Terri said...

Love both the gate and the photo in the header!

Happy Halloweeen

Nancy said...

I love that gate. It is so pretty, glad you were able to bring it to this house. I remember when you bought it. You were so excited.
The little tree looks so cute and now you will be taking it down again.
Already November, hard to believe.
Love you, Mom

Saskia said...

O, another project done. The list of to-do-things is getting smaller. See you tomorrow. Knuffels

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful gate.

I also love the tree and the quilt behind it.

Ginny said...

Your gate is absolutely beautiful. I think every house needs a gate, but not every house can have one. Tell Jos he did a great job!

Annie said...

What a great work and a beautiful tree !

Anonymous said...

Wat heeft jullie hek een mooi stekkie gekregen, en wat is Jos toch handig, het ziet er geweldig uit.
Vanavond ga ik er eens van dichtbij naar kijken, verheug me er erg op, tot straks.

Liefs en huygies, Bep.

Joni CHL said...

OMGosh!! It's beautiful! What a great job!!!! Can I borrow you both? :)