"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snubbing Murphy!

Finally, something has surprised us by going very well. It was nice to be able to laugh in the face of Murphy. *grins* We had decided to keep the woodstove that was in our new house for the time being. We planned on replacing it eventually with the same beloved one we had to leave in our previous house when it was sold. We also needed to check if the fan worked that is on our chimney. After all we had been through with this house, we had little hope that it was going to be okay. The costs to replace this part of the chimney are very high. The weather warmed up yesterday so Jos went out on the roof to check it out. It worked pefectly.

We made a fire to see how this woodstove works. It is easy to start a fire in and burns very efficiently. So much so that we have decided that we will keep it. This same amount of wood would have burned within no time in our old stove while we have kept the stove burning all afternoon and evening.

Our new radiator has arrived this week but is not installed yet. We hope it will be done this week but now it is nice to know that we can build a fire to keep up warm regardless.

We enjoyed a light lunch by the fireside today of warm baguette with baked Camembert. For myself a glass of wine and for Jos a German wheat beer.

The delights of a warm fire!

And hopefully, this weather will return this week as predicted. We have had two weeks of a winter wonderland but this weekend all has melted away as the temperatures rose.

Perfect weather to start decorating for Christmas. I have been having problems with becoming very sensitive to many things lately. I guess it goes along with my chronic skin condition. *sigh* But being allergic to an artificial tree is a bit much. I have also discovered that I am very allergic to wool. I cannot even wear it with a turtleneck shirt on underneath it. I am having to buy a couple of warm sweaters to replace my wool ones.

This will be our last year to put up our Victorian tree. It has become more and more difficult for me in the past few years as my fibromyalgia continues to become more and more of a handicap. This year, it was just causing me far too much pain so we have discussed it and decided it is best to sell this tree next year and put up a small one that is easy for me to do.

I will miss the excitement of pulling out the various ornaments each year but it is time to move on from this tree. This year, we will enjoy the beauties hanging in the tree this last time.

Are you also busy doing your Christmas decorating?


Jackie's Stitches said...

The fire looks warm and cozy and it looks really cold outside. I had a hard time with my skin and our artificial tree too this year. It just wasn't pleasant. I hope your rash heals quickly.

onlymehere said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your continued skin allergies. This with the fibromyalgia must makes things very difficult. I was happy to read thought that you were getting the upper hand on Murphy! He's a nuisance for sure. Keep cozy, safe, and warm!

Susan in SC said...

Aww, Heidi. How sad that it is time to move on from your Victorian tree. However, that opens the door to many endless possibilities for new traditions. Love your fireplace. It looks very small compared to our fireplaces in the states, is it?

Roberta said...

Love the fireplace, very different and glad that it is working properly for you.

Love your tree, but sorry that you have to give it up, your skin condition just has to be so uncomfortable.

Enjoy the Season.

Melanie said...

That woodstove is beautiful! I'm glad it worked well for you. I'm really sorry to hear this will be the last year for your Victorian tree - it is so gorgeous, it looks like something out of a magazine. I'm also sorry to see and hear of your skin rash. I'm allergic to wool, too and can't wear it. I wear cotton sweaters instead.

Linda said...


If you don't want to get rid of the tree, you could always have a tree decorating party. You can provide the refreshments and the comfy home - and your friends, with your directions, can put up the tree and put the ornaments on it, for you next year!! I can see you standing there with a pointer stick and saying ok, you over there, that ornament goes there, and that one goes there and....

Linda in VA

Deborah said...

Love the wood burning stove. Very different from the ones we have here. Your tree is beautiful, but I am sure that what ever you move onto will also be be beautiful. I also have an allergy to wool. Cotton sweaters for me.

Elly said...

Wat jammer Heidi dat het niet meer kan, die mooie grote boom. Maar als ik je arm zie en denk aan mijn netelroos van afgelopen zomer dan kan ik het me heel goed voorstellen. Klein is ook fijn moet je maar denken. De openhaard ziet er heel bijzonder uit en ik ben heel blij dat het jullie nu eens mee zit.
Hugs en groetjes

Nancy said...

NOWWWW, you get the fire going. We had to freeze while I was there, but, I did get two wool sweaters from you, one I bought anyway and one you bought. lol.
You have so many elf helpers, (aka, good friends), that you could still do that tree if you wanted to. They would help for a high tea. hahaha, just ask them.
It all looks cozy and warm now.
Love you, Mom

Saskia said...

Yep, listen to Linda and your Mom! I would come over and decorate your tree, especially if I can hang the green you know what somewhere..LOL
The tree is so you, so get out your pointer stick and magically whoosh it around next year.

Elizabethd said...

Dont let the beautiful tree go, it must be such a pleasure...just let people help you next year.
Take care, have a wonderful Christmas in your new home!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Your tree is beautiful and it is sad that this is your last year but there are many beautiful trees that are smaller. Maybe you will find one after Christmas! thanks for stopping by. Dianntha

Maggie said...

Sorry to hear that you are developing alergies on top of everything else.

Your tree looks lovely and the fire so cosy, glad something went right for you for once :-)

We are promiced more of the white stuff too this week, much better than the rain we have had the last coule of days.

Take care x

Anonymous said...

Your fire looks so cozy Heidi along with your lunch. I am sure your quilt group will help with the tree next year. BTW have you got the pink tree out yet that you brought last year.

Hazel C (UK)

onlymehere said...

Heidi: Thanks for stopping by! I laughed when you asked if the footstool survived! She pushed a kitchen chair over and just picked up the whole big piece left in the pan. She was very protective of it! She does make me smile and leaves me the darndest surprises. Just when I think I've found all her hiding spots in the house she comes up with a new one and I find a new surprise! Her dad graduates from the university in about 1-1/2 years and then he'll probably be deployed with the military so I treasure each and every moment with her and Bailee. I hope Murphy's minding his manners and has now moved on to someone else! Thanks again for stopping by!

Simple Home said...

The wood stoves are so different than they are here. I've noticed that on blogs from Norway too. I'm sure they're much more efficient too! Your tree looks so pretty, but I'm so sorry to hear about your skin allergy to the tree. I'd actually like a smaller tree. So many people in our house leaves little space to put one :-)
So glad to hear you're able to snub "Murphy", but glad it's not "Murphey" ;-)

Terri said...

I'll be by for lunch! Everything looks so pretty!

Happy Christmas!

angelasweby said...

Gosh, how warm and inviting it all looks. You really are beginning to feel at home now, i can see.
I'm so sorry your condition is worsening, Heidi. The rash looks miserable too. I hope it settles down now you can rest a bit more.
I love the idea of a tree decorating party. Why not let your lovely friends help you. I'm sure they would be delighted :>)
Hugs Angela xx