"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oops! Murphy returns.....

That's right...Murphy (from Murphy's law)has come back to visit our house. Not a welcome guest though! Jos wanted to hang my stitched and framed 4 seasons in the stairwell. He had an accident with the ladder as he was putting it on the stairs. No he was not on it at the time thankfully! But look at the violence with which it fell down the stairs...
Ja, hoor...Murphy *van de wet van Murphy* is terug. Niet een welkome gast moet ik toevoegen! Terwijl Jos mijn borduurwerken wou ophangen in de trap heeft hij een ongeluk gehad. Hij stond gelukkig niet op de ladder toen deze naar beneden viel maar kijk toch eens naar de schade...

Yes, that is a gaping hole you see in our door! Now you see it...now you don't.
Dat is inderdaad een groot gat in de deur! Maar kijk nogmaals...het is al weg...

We checked right away but these doors which were used for new builds in the 1990s are no longer available. It is a problem that 4 doors open into our tiny entrance hall so it would mean having to replace 3 or 4 of them if we have to buy a different door.
Deze deuren zijn niet meer te koop. Als we die ene vervangen zouden we er nog 3 moeten doen. Er zijn 4 deuren die naast elkaar in onze piepkleine hal openen. Een "vreemde" is niet mooi. Dat wordt erg kostbaar.

So we purchased this wooden rack which used to contain 3 iron hangers on it. Jos removed the hangers and sawed off the hooks.
We hebben bij de Action een houten rek met haakjes gekocht. Jos heeft de haakjes er af gehaald en de haakjes afgezaagd.

We replaced the middle hook with a WC porcelain sign. I had been planning on hanging this on the door anyway but now had to make it part of a creative solution to an otherwise extremely costly problem.
De decoratieve top van de haakjes weer er op gezet en de 3e haak is vervangen door een WC bordje. Ik had dit porceleinen bord al om op de deur te hangen dus moest een beetje creatief zijn om het te gebruiken en ons probleem op te lossen.

This was the first room to be completely finished but then again...it is the smallest room in the house. *grins*
De WC was de eerste kamer die af was in het nieuwe huis maar het is ook weleens de kleinste kamer toch...hihi.

I do not like the modern feeling in the bathroom but set out to use things to create a more nostalgic look since we did not want to spend the extra money for renovating this room during the move. I do not like the tiles being all the way to the ceiling but my mirror of old wood helps soften the hard look of the tiling.
Ik hou niet van de moderne sfeer die witte tegels geven als ze tot het plafond lopen. Ik wou een nostalgische look creëren. We hebben de WC niet in ons renovatie budget opgenomen.

When we first saw the room again after getting the keys, we worried that our wall cupboard would not fit in the extremely small toilet room. It was a perfect fit though and added the touches we love in our home...
We waren bezorgd toen we deze kamer weer terug zagen want het leek ons zo klein. Zou onze mooie kast wel passen? Maar het past perfect en geeft de uitstraling die wij zo gezellig vinden in huis...

Thanks for stopping by to peek inside our home!
Ik hoop dat je het leuk vindt om een kijkje te nemen in ons huis!


Reginas Cottage said...

dear heidi
your wc-room looks nice.oh and your
cupbord it's wonderful.i love it.
i hope your first advent in the new house was wonderful.have you snow?
i wish you a wonderful week,
hugs regina

Elizabethd said...

And what a lovely peek it was. Your shelves are perfect, and you would never know that there had been a hole in the door!

Linda said...

Great fix for the door Heidi and Jos - love it! And sooo happy that it was just the door that got dinged up and not Jos!

Linda in VA

Roberta said...

Hi Heidi, have been following along on both blogs when you have posted. Looks like you are able to handle Murphy!!!

The bathroom is charming as will be the rest of the house with your special way putting things together.

Have a nice holiday season.

Ginny said...

Seriously? Murphy didn't get the message that he wasn't welcome yet? What a great solution to the hole in the door; I never would have thought of that.

Dutchquiltster said...

Wat een slimme oplossing Heidi,en het past helemaal bij de rest.En wat een geluk dat Jos niet op de ladder stond.Ik hoop dat jullie MURPHY op de trein gezet hebben naar verwegistan,want die kan je missen als kiespijn.
Knuffel Joke.

DonnaTN said...

Gee, I'm glad it wasn't Jos that hit the door! How clever you are to come up with that fix. I don't like too much of modern look either. I think your little powder room looks great with the mirror and the shelf!

Muggensteekjes said...

Hoi Heidi,
gelukkig is er niemand gewond geraakt toen de trap viel,jullie hebben het gat mooi weggewerkt. En ik ben verliefd op het kastje wat je in de wc-ruimte hebt hangen, echt prachtig. Ga nu ook nog even op je andere blog bijlezen want ik loop erg achter. Sterkte a.s. vrijdag en ik hoop dat er verder niets erntigs word gevonden.
Liefs, Ingrid.

Nancy said...

Well, having seen it first hand, and hearing the very loud crash when I expected to see Jos at the bottom of the steps, it was a very good fix.
It looks very nice and Jos is safe and sound after climbing up again and hanging the pictures. Show where they are and the steps, and everyone will see the danger he was in.
Love you guys and thanks for my nice stay.
Love Mom

Saskia said...

It's a perfect solution for another trick of murphy. I have a cheap website for doors if you want to change the lot. But I think I like this better.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm thankful that Jos was not hurt! Your WC looks lovely. I especially love how you decorated the wall cupboard. You have a great eye for decorating.

Simple Home said...

Thanks for giving us a peek Heidi! I love the creative little sign idea you came up with for your door :-)

Brigitte said...

I have just gone through your last posts and I must admit that I have looked at your pictures a couple of times clicking on them and watching everythingvery precisely. You have created a wonderful new home, everything is looking fantastic. Whata pity that the accident with the ladder happened but you solved the problem very practically, lol. And good to know that Jos was NOT on the ladder when it happened.
I hope that more pictures of your home will follow. It's always a feast for the eyes.

Tracy said...

Hi, Heidi! We're just back from our trip to the US for Thanksgiving, and had a wonderful time! Now getting over the jet lag... LOL! Your home is looking so nice, and I like how you're handled the decorating challenges for that bathroom-very pretty! This move sure hasn't been easy for your. I hope 2011 will find all the Murphy disappearing for you. Your advent candle wreath is so lovely. Fun how we've chose the same colors! ;o) Wishing happy days in the lead up to Christmas! ((HUGS))

Melanie said...

I love your clever solution for "fixing" the hole in the door! As for the bathroom, great idea to hang that lovely wooden mirror to soften up the tiles. How did you manage to hang it on tiles; do you have a special drill? Gorgeous cupboard, too.

Harpreet said...

Where did you get the wc sign from? I love it.