"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coloring life.....

Lots of hard work being done this week! We found out that we had to paint the walls as well as the repair work and painting of the ceilings before Friday. The man for our floor switched us with another project this week so we had 3 days to get it done.

It has been hard but after today, we will be ready. Yesterday, my dear sweet friend Bep's husband dropped her off at the house at 9am where I was already busy painting. She stayed until 8pm when we drove her home. We got all the walls in the living room and hall painted and the first coat on our downstairs bedroom walls. They have to have the second coat today. Thank you so much Bep! I would never have gotten this far without you. We talked about missing not being able to quilt or stitch so I painted a Nine-Patch on the wall to compensate. Too bad my art work only lasted a minute. *wink*

I choose Histor extra mat paint for downstairs using two colors from our couches. The main color is called Forel (a taupe color) and Klei (grey brown color) is an accent color. For the first time after seeing the walls changed, I feel like this house is being transformed into home.

The painter is working on the second coat of paint on the ceiling as I type this and Jos ran over very early to get in a couple of hours of painting before he has to rush to work. I am off there now to take over but needed to take a nice long soak in a hot bath as I woke up very stiff in my joints.

I have just about all the switch plates cleaned now downstairs. It is amazing what a scouring sponge and elbow grease will do! Soon we will be starting upstairs. The amount of paint on the plates was amazing seeing how the house looked like it had never been painted in years with the dirty walls.

The new fridge and dishwasher are ordered and should be delivered in just over a week. I know that photos of this house do not really show how filthy it is so turn away now if you are weak stomached.

The general smell and appearance of the fridge is one thing but...

How could ANYONE live like this????? This is the rubber seal of the freezer section. The whole fridge is gross like this.

Our renovations of the wood floor start tomorrow morning. I am so anxious to see the floor come back to life with a warm double smoked stain. The rest of the laminate flooring will also be laid on Saturday along with our new front door being hung and the baseboards installed in my studio.

Off for yet another busy day.....


DonnaTN said...

Your hard work will be well worth it once all the reminders of the icky other life of the house are removed. Then your house will truly be your home and you can be so proud of the changes accomplished.

Elizabethd said...

You will get there soon, and have no nasty reminders of the past.

Roberta said...

So much to do and time seems to always be an issue. You do need to take care so you do not overdue and then not feel well.

The fridge - !!!! eckk!!!!, I think I better go and check out my fridge, LOL

Mary said...

Heidi dear, I've been reading (but not commenting much as things have been crazy here too) about all the work you have faced to get your new home in move-in shape. Looks like it's beginning to all fall into place....but I know how much you need that good soak to loosen up those aching muscles! We had so much unexpected stuff that needed doing a couple of weeks back when painting the exterior etc. Never a dull moment when one has a house!

Good luck dear - will look forward to seeing the finished project. I know you're thankful for the help of your sweet friends - I send thanks to them too!

Nancy said...

Holy cow, that fridge is awful. Nope, never seen that before. Glad you are getting rid of it. When Eric moved into his apt. the entire frige had moldy food in it. It was left with the electric off. It had to be taped shut and removed covered in plastic by Bill and I. So guess I saw it but in a different form. The house owner bought a new fridge. They rent it.
I bet the paint colors will be so pretty. Sorry you are having to work so hard. Wish I could help you.
Love you, Mom

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love watching you transform your home! You will be so happy when it's all done as it will truly reflect who you are and not the prior owners.

Ginny said...

I think the paint fumes are wafting over to New York. My daughter and I decided to paint our craft room during my brief hiatus from appointments. We started moving things out of the room earlier tonight, but we only have space to move about half of it out at a time.

What is it about people who don't remove switch and outlet covers before they paint? In our last house, the owner painted right over them; by the time we sold the house, we had replaced every switch, outlet, and cover in the house!

Try not to work too hard, ok? I know you want to get everything done, and there's nothing you can do about contractors' schedules, but you don't want to hurt yourself. (I'm a fine one to talk!)

Sonja said...

I like the nine patch, you should have kept it that way! LOL
I do hope you and Jos are hanging in there. I'll come over soon and have a look, to admire the progress you are making!

Tone said...

æh...yakkk........how can people not clean the fridge or any other parts of the kitchen....disgusting...
BUT you are clever painting! and I imagine it will be wery nice in the end!!
We have been redecorating this house snce 96....and now we start all over again... - and in 2005 we bought the cottage, so you know...painting and hammer and saw...we know a lot about those things, hehe...!
When we bought the cottage, it looked like all the stuff you find around the house....we started by tearing down all the kitchen cabinets and walls... - and built up new walls and new kitchen. It was grease in the frying pan....but perhaps the worst...you know we are far away up in the mountain, and we have no luxury, so we have an outdoor toilet (but a nice one though..hehe..) - and the former owner did not remove the "stuff" in it....so my husbands first job was to take it away...yakk!!!
In the end - every thing will be ok!!

Dutchquiltster said...

Dit is bijna niet te geloven Heidi,Saskia vertelde het,maar het is te smerig om naar te kijken.Heb je de vorige bewoners ook een afdruk gestuurd?Die gaan vast weer verhuizen als hun huis is vervuild.Heel veel sterkte met de klus.
Big hug Joke.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...wow lots of work to do....can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

Take a little break...I am having a "double-the-fun" giveaway...something for a little one and something for you! Stop on by to join the fun if you get a chance! I enjoyed my visit today! :)

Jeanne said...

You've already made so much progress Heidi - it's looking good. I know the house itself would thank you if it could for cleaning it up and making it a nice home again. I hate it when people neglect their homes - I understant not being able to afford to do what you want but there is no excuse for not keeping things clean. I lived in many different apts all around Chicago before I got married and I certainly know what it's like to have to move into a dirty place. One place I moved into had white metal folding closet doors that were all yellowed from cigarette smoke - I cleaned them all up with lots of 409 cleaner and to this day whenever I smell 409 I think of that place!


Janet said...

I hope this trying time is soon over and you move into a lovely house that will soon feel like home! And then you'll be back to making quilts, reading and starting your new garden. Whst lovely pictures you took for the brochure for your previous house - I enjoyed looking at them!
Have a lovely, restful day.
Janey in Nova Scotia