"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Will we ever move???

Hi there! It is me...Dagi! I finally figured out what all the coming and going means in our house. We are moving but when will I get to go along? I tried in my own sneaky way to make it faster. *meow* I crawled into a box my mommy was packing but it did not work. She saw me and told me it was not my turn to move yet.

I am not sure I am going to like this move but she tells me that I have a nice big house to explore when I get there. We'll see!

She has friends stopping by to help her out regularly and she is very grateful for that! Silvia stops in whenever she has a free hour. Bep came again for a day last week and helped put the cupboards together for the quilt studio. Recently, Carolien came for two days to help and her daughter Sofia came one day too. Oh...I loved that as they are cat people and gave me lots of needed attention! Here is Sofia scrapping paint spatters from the windows.

More bad news but first some good news...

The front door has gone from this...

...to this! The second coat of paint is still not covering it well though and it will have to be sanded down and started over again. The two windows behind the iron grates open and it is really nice to be able to allow fresh air in without having the door open.

And now for more bad news. The wooden floors should have been finished two weeks ago. The man who is supposed to do them keeps saying the floor is too wet. This is a 16 year old wood floor and after the third time he said it and left, my mommy and daddy started to question it. Daddy called another man for his opinion. This guy said it was fine and could start right away. So Daddy called the first man and told him we would be going for another option. Suddenly the man was back within a couple of hours and said he would start on Monday. Well, that is today and Daddy is at this house very early this morning. He says that if the man doesn't start this morning, he has no other option than to tell him forget it and go for the other company. Now that man we have is supposed to be one of the best and we do not understand why this is happening but we cannot put it off any longer or we will have to put all our furniture in storage since we have to be moved out on November 4th.

I am really missing having my mommy around all the time. She is busy with the new house during the day. She is so busy with things that I decided to do this blog entry to update you all about how far things are (or are not as things are going). Thanks for your comments and hello to the newcomers to the blog. It was nice to read your comments and Heidi will visit you all as soon as things are settled in.

Meow, Dagi

Edit: Total disaster has struck! Jos and the man were met with a floor having bowed floorboards this morning early. The floor cannot be renovated as it is letting loose in the hallway, bedroom and just as you enter the living room. The previous owners said they never used the heating and now the floor is dry from us heating the house in the last two weeks which resulted in the floor boards coming loose. Repairs are very costly and there is no guarantee that it will work. The result is the man is now contacting some companies to see if he can find us a wood floor in stock for us to lay over this floor. I really am beginning to think this house has a curse on it.


Roberta said...

Good Morning Heidi - Moving does bring the good the bad and the ugly doesn't it!!! Thing do have a way of working out and once you are moved it - you will be so happy.

Good luck, fingers crossed for smoothr transition.

Amy Marie said...

It's such a huge process....I'm sure it's frustrating. You'll get moved in eventually and be so happy you did all the renovations!

Deborah said...

Things have a way of working out for the best. I know that at the end of all the chaos will be a beautiful home that you will love.

hazel c UK said...

I am sorry you are having all this trouble Heidi but think about that nice new quilt studio you will be getting and I am sure all the trouble will be worth it.

Take care of yourself.
Love Hazel

Linda said...

Hi Dagi...thank you for all the news. Your mommie is very busy getting every thing just purrfect for you...will you tell her I love the new front door just beautiful and very welcoming. Also,so sorry to hear about the floors...I know things will work out and in the end you will be moving to a lovely new home...hugs for all of you..Linda

Nancy said...

Well Dagi, I love your new front door. I bet you will like the air coming in. Too bad you had to get out of the box and stay put for a while longer. Wonder if you will like your new home. Hopefully your Mommy and Daddy will after they get to sit down and your Mommy can stitch again.
In the end, the new floor will be great. Maybe the color wouldn't have been right after all. Everything happens for a reason you know.
I can't wait to visit you in your new house Dagi, I will be there soon.
Love from your Gramma, oh and also to from Mom

Nancy said...

PS: I can see the steps in the glass by the door. They look like a challenge. Maybe I will be sitting down like your Aunt Janey to come down.
Love Mom

Maggie said...

When i started to read i though all your issues were resolved, i'm so sorry that you are having yet more problems, i hope you are able to sort out the flooring.
Your new front door looks great BTW, so does the room you have nearly finished, i'm sure it will all come together very soon and you will be able to make it into a lovely welcoming home :-)

Take care x

onlymehere said...

Oh Heidi, I just saw your edit. That darn old Murphy's law is at work here. I hope they can find something in stock for you. I was really touched that you stopped by to say hi when you have so much pressing on your mind and taking up you time. Thanks so much, it meant the world to me. Wish I could fly to Holland and try to help out and give that old Murphy and his law a good kick! Hopefully this will be the last surprise in your renovations. My heart feels your pain with this new development. Hopefully a silver lining will appear soon, until then I'm sending a big virtual hug your way. I hope it helps.

Ginny said...

Thank you for the update, Dagi. I have been thinking about your mommy as I have worked on my own remodeling project for the past 1-1/2 weeks. That's not much, compared to what your mommy and daddy have been dealing with, I know, but it's much more than I bargained for. Tell your mommy that everything will work out in the end. You be a good kitty, ok?

DonnaTN said...

Well, the door is beautiful! What a mess you seem to find at every turn. Hopefully this will be the last wrench thrown into the works. Good luck with your flooring. Is it normal that people never used the heat? Did they have an alternative heat source?

Elizabethd said...

Dagi, you are a sweet little cat to be so concerned about your mum. Just go on looking after her as you are.

angelasweby said...

Dagi, hi,
Please tell Heidi I am sorry to hear about the floor but, hopefully all will be resolved soon. I'm sure you're enjoying jumping in and out of boxes, that's so much fun. I love your new front door. it won't be long before you are going through it and exploring all the interesting smells in your new home.
Give your mum and dad my love :>)
Angela xx