"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Today I sadly saw the beautiful snow we got over the weekend just disappear under the winter sun. But oh, it was such a pretty sight while it lasted. We have had a wonderful winter here in Holland.

What a wonderful view of the moon and then you try to capture it in a photo which really falls short. Still I wanted to share how the moon low and glowing peeked out from the houses across on the next street. Can you see it just in the middle of the photo?

Do you have your speakers on? Enjoy this song which is timeless and just right for winter!

Snow gives little items in the garden an artistic flair.

The snow covered blanket over our front garden...

...and nice big snowflakes falling at the back of our house which is built in the water.

How is winter where you are on the globe?


Celestial Charms said...

Such a lovely winter wonderland. Beautiful snow. We don't have snow here in Central Texas, but we can get some cold days. I grew up with snow in New York, so I truly do appreciate it's beauty.

Anonymous said...

You think it is a beautiful Winter?
Yes true, it looks lovely but it is terrible when you have to go on your bike to work everyday. It's enough now, we want Spring.

Saskia said...

I agree with Elly
Enough is enough.
I had to drop Rover off at mom and dad this morning. It took me about 1,5 hours to get there from Bunschoten!..
And I slipped, and my wheels where turning all in separate ways about 6,7 times.
No fun indeed.. needs clear roads now please!!

Elizabethd said...

No snow now Heidi, just wet days.Your photos are so pretty, snow is lovely to look at, but....!

Carolien said...

Pretty much the same, I guess ;))))

Have a lovely evening with the quiltgroup, I look forward to the first results!

Bye & hugs, Carolien

DonnaTN said...

We got some icy pellets with a bit of freezing rain and the tiniest bit of snow on Friday. There was a couple of inches of ice on the ground until about Sunday. Driving was tricky for a few days, but warmer weather has melted it all now.

The Farmer's Attic said...

In Northeast Pennsylvania, it is snow covered and cold with the sun shining. A very pretty day!!!


Rhonda said...

it is snowy here too, with a layer of ice underneath it.
A lot of it melted today but we are supposed to get a fresh layer of snow tomorrow

Nancy said...

Very pretty pictures. The moon shows very well. It is so unusual to see all that snow in Holland.
When I left Ohio we didn't have snow, on the way, Erie and Buffalo had a lot. Up here it is way less than normal.
Love you, Mom

onlymehere said...

Wait...the back of your house is built "in" the water? Did I read that right? How cool is that! I love the water and could live at the beach and listen to the surf for the rest of my life and I swear I'd never tire of it. I loved the picture of the moon between the houses too. Our winter has been dang cold but the last few days while its snowed it's warmed up and it's been really nice. That's the trade off for having snow I guess. You're right too about snow giving things outside an artistic flair. It does make the world pretty when it's new and undisturbed.

Michelle Palmer said...

Love your song choice and photographs! We live in upstate NY so winter is spread out, mid to late Nov. through March... sometimes April~ but we ignore April snow... by then we become a bit tired of it! (smile) Just had a nice long January thaw... a small taste of spring that is just around the corner!
Wishing you the best~

Tracy said...

We are very much knee-deep in snow here in southern Norway...just tons of snow, and more coming next week! I'm finding it hard to not get the winter blues, cabin fever... just too much snow...*sigh*... I long for spring--LOL! Happy Days, Heidi :o) ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Lovely snow pics - we've had our share too, 5" last week! Thank goodness we're not getting the second huge storm dumping feet rather than inches on D.C., NY, Phila., and Boston tonight!

I've missed hearing from you Heidi - hope all is well.

Warm hugs - Mary