"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Was it all worth it???

In a word, yes! We are really happy with how our laminate floor looks and I have decided I definitely don't hate laminate floors. *grins*

We had to work alongside the man that laid the floor moving our large furniture as he worked. We had put it all in two rooms and then moved it back when he finished a section so he had space again to work further.

We feel like our upstairs is finally complete with this beautiful old floor boards look. The bedroom is back in place so I am sharing it with you. Our other rooms are still a work in progress as we have so much to bring back upstairs yet and a few items needing changed around. We are changing my quilt studio and guest room around.

The room finally looks like it is finished and bigger also. Right now I am too busy to sit in my reading corner with a book but I am looking forward to it.

And now for the two winners of this week's giveaway...

Set 1 goes to DonnaTN
Set 2 goes to Regina

Congratulations to you both. I will get them out in the mail as soon as possible. Please contact me with your address. I think I do have yours Donna but not sure I still have Regina's.

The next giveaway will be announced later today on AllMyScatteringMoments which is my handwork blog. Join in there as I am looking forward to sending you a set of coasters too.


Nancy said...

I really like that floor. I thought it was going to be wider boards. I like these better. It makes everything look richer and I wish I had it.
Thanks for changing the background on my blog too.
Love you, Mom

Carolien said...

Oh I am so glad the floor is done so that you can make yourself comfortable again after all those boxes! It looks great!!!
Like Nancy I would like to have it too! :)
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it and hopefully this solution will help you a lot.

Bye & hugs and by the way: Pip, your little bird has a new friend. He's on my blog ...

Elizabethd said...

What a relief for you to have it done. It looks so good, clean and elegant.

Saskia said...

WOW, that looks good!
I bet it feels clean and fresh.
I hope everything is done and back in order before christmas.
So you have time to put up the christmastree before the 16th.
I want to look for my green 'thingie'... again. I brought me lots of luck this year!

Angela said...

Oh Heidi,
It looks wonderful. What a lovely clean fresh look it gives everywhere, really light and spacious. I know you will feel the difference really quickly and cleaning it will be a dream.
Good health and happiness in your new look home :>)
Hugs Angela

Amy Marie said...

Looks great! So fun to do some home improvements! Happy Thanksgiving!

Vivian said...

We just put in laminate floor also. I absolutely love the look of wood floors. Everything looks so clean and the rooms do look larger.

DonnaTN said...

Congratulations on your new flooring! It looks great and your bedroom is beautiful! It makes me realize how badly I need to do some work around my house. And woo hoo! A set of coasters coming my way!
Thanks Heidi and Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Heidi, the new flooring is lovely. Your room is so pretty and inviting, I hope you are able to enjoy your ready corner soon...hugs, Linda

Brigitta said...

Het ziet er echt schitterend uit Heidi!!

Maggie said...

Love the floor, and your right, laminate floor has changed in the last few years.
Hope it helps with the alergies.

Tammy said...

The floor is gorgeous!
Hope you can get back to your reading corner very soon!!

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

oh, Heidi, your floors are absolutely beautiful! I love them! You will enjoy them so much.
I like your reading chair and corner there. You have a beautiful home!
Feathers in the Nest

Brigitte said...

Your new floor is a dream. I have always liked this kind of floor, together with tiles it's my favourite. And when all the rooms are changed you will quickly forget all the trouble of moving furniture around.
Thanks for the pictures.

Sonja said...

Dit is zeker de moeite waard geweest. Het is erg mooi geworden! De sfeer is nog steeds helemaal Heidi. En nu veel makkelijker schoon te houden. Hoop dat je minder last van je allergie zult hebben.

Susan in SC said...

LOVE the new floors!!!

Terri said...

Oh Heidi!
They turned out so great!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new floors! Love,

Anonymous said...

The new floors are so very pretty. As a matter of fact, the whole room is beautiful. The bed is inviting with the quilt and afghan and that granny square is a little different than any I've crocheted. Do you have a pattern? Rowena