"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

366 Challenge

I just discovered a really fun challenge on Garden of Daisies blog. As soon as I read the details, I had to join up. It is called the 366 Challenge. Here are Gayle's rules for the challenge...

***We're getting rid of clothes that don't fit,  items that don't suit our taste anymore,  projects we've given up on,  books we've already read,  kitchen items that won't fit in our cupboards,  things we were crazy to purchase in the first place.  Anything we no longer use or want. 

We can gift things to friends who are collectors, donate things to favorite charities, sell things in a garage sale,  toss broken things in the trash, etc...    We can get rid of 7 things each week or 31 things each month. One way or another our closets, drawers and basements will be feeling lighter by the end of this year.***

I am working on this one area at a time to start myself off. This week, I decided to focus on my hutch. The nice thing about a large hutch and closed areas and drawers is that you can just stuff things in. Not seen...not really there? But I had cleaned this out really well when we moved into this house and then let stuff build up once again. Today, I opened the first (double doors) two doors of the bottom. This is a before photo of things thrown in. Mr first task was to remove everything at once and clean out both shelves.

This old clock was there as I thought it was no longer working. I kept putting in batteries and it would not keep time. My friend Sonja gave me a set of rechargable batteries for Christmas and I put those in yesterday to see if that made a difference as I would put the clock in the throw out pile today when I get started if it did not work. Guess what? IT WORKS! Obviously, the batteries I kept putting in it were not good. I have the same problem with a clock I stitched at Cranberry Cottage and need to try it with that one too. I am thrilled about this as the clock was rather expensive and I do love it.

Another thing that was dug out is this pretty porcelain tray that Jos bought for me as a 20th anniversary gift in a favorite furniture shop of ours in Maastricht. It seems only yesterday that we were there but in a few weeks it is our 25th wedding anniversary already. I am going to use this in my quilt studio for little sewing necessities instead of hiding it away.

Ta-da! Here are the results of an hour's sorting. I tossed a few old yucky looking faux pastries and sorted through some old placemats and coaster sets which are now listed online for sale. I put the items I use back in place neat and organized so they are easily found to be used.

Much of what was messing up this area was stacks of old cards that I was keeping thinking I might someday use but someday has never come...
Old address book that I do not need to keep...
Some brand new cards and Christmas cards that I need to keep in an area with other cards to use...
Empty jam jars which were leftover from a project last year...

All these items should not have been in the hutch and once again I have a really good amount of space. Tomorrow, I am planning on tackling the third door. Well...who knows...Jos is late tonight so I might even do it later on today...grins.

Speaking of husbands...do not do this challenge when they are around. Mine saw the dish with the broken lid and has pulled it out of my toss stack to fix it. Now I had to take it back off my list of items. I think a husband could bring the success of the 366 Challenge in danger. *wink*

If you want to join up, go to Gayle's blog and let her know. I am keeping my list of items on my side bar for anyone interested in seeing it.


Nancy said...

I have already done some of this without joining a challenge. Am Vets comes to our house to collect any clothes and small appliances when we set it up with them. Well, I usually have things set aside. The last time they called, George told them to come, I was in Florida when they called so when I got home I had to scramble. I went to an upstairs closet and almost totally emptied it. I have another one to go next time.
I have given several bags of books to George's niece and told her I do not want them back.
Never the less, I have TONS more to go to ever get it caught up.
You have been doing it for a long time now so you should be caught up.
Love you, Mom

Marsha said...

I know what you mean about husbands. I try to do this when mine is on a business trip. He even roots through the trash every week. I don't know what he's looking for, but he did find a spoon last week that I threw away by accident.

Rhonda said...

Hello Heidi, I am doing a clean out challenge to myself and so far it is working out great. I love opening a door and seeing everything in order.
I also like know just where everything is, that is a time and energy saver, you know?

but I am not going to count my discards - just hope to cross all my areas off my to-do list.

that is a very pretty cabinet you just cleaned out.

Anonymous said...

It is always amazing what we keep is it not? Not only did you get a bit more organized, but a loved clock is in use again, and I see you even sold some items. You are off to a good start.

I agree 110% with the doing the challenge with the husband gone. Oh the things my husband wanted to keep.

blessings, jilly

garden2day said...

I have already cleaned out more than 31 days worth of stuff in my spring cleaning already. What a great way to organize everything and have fun while doing it. I love the clock and thought how awful that you would get rid of it. Take care!

Betty Lou said...

i joined this challenge last month and took 62 items to the thrift shop. haven't had time to devote at lot of time to the challenge but will see that 32 items are out the door this month.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Way to go!! You're off to a great start!!!

Ginny said...

How about coming to my house when you are done? I feel so overwhelmed by the stuff I have! It's hard to know what to get rid of since I know there will come a time when I really might need to recycle the fabric in some old clothes (ones I've made) because I won't be able to afford to buy more. We have a lot of boxes of things that belong to our children, so that makes things more difficult. For now, you keep up the good work, ok?

Karen said...

Now this is a great challenge and I think pretty do-able - I'm going to try something like this on my own. BTW - my hubby is a thrower and organized. He once threw a bag out that had a shirt in it I was going to return. He never looked inside, he thought it was empty lol - that was several years ago and after that he leaves my stuff alone :).

hugs - karen