"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time for winter!

At least that is what the calendar says. Right now, Holland feels more like November with its autumn storms. Driving rain and hurricane force winds are the start of 2012. But I am cleaning up my Christmas decorations and slowly but surely replacing them with winter decorations. My winter tree is set up and the Christmas tree gone from the living room. I will not repeat the photos of the winter tree as you can also still see it by clicking here.

I put out my quilt I called 'Winter Lace' on my table and decided to arrange my bristle brush trees. Placed on a glass cake stand with some dried Spanish moss and you have an instant winter woodland in your home.

Do you decorate after Christmas for winter? It helps chase away that cold feeling in a home when you take down all the Christmas decorations.


Used-to-Bees said...

A lovely idea! I don't usually get any seasonal decorations out until Lent, but I am quite tempted now. Mind you, it would be something else to 'create' and I'm so busy trying to finish things at the moment, AND my head is buzzing with new ideas too, that I'm not sure I'll get round to it. Maybe I'll just admire yours this year!

Betty Lou said...

The house does seem so stark after all the lights and decorations are down. JanMaree of Cherry Red, said she kept some of the twinkling lights up in the kitchen. Went back to take a look at you winter tree, so cute.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Funnily enough I have a few ideas for winter decor - usually I don't bother. You have inspired me to go ahead and do something.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Nancy said...

Somewhere in the attic I never get into, I have those trees from when I was a little girl, and that is many many years ago. Yes, I also have that little elf you keep talking about. No telling what is in there.
I have three knitting projects in the making and more in my head that I want to start. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, how can I do all this and still read my nook, which I am really hung up on now. Add hours in the day please.
Love your winter look anyway.
Hugs and Kisses, Mom

Jenny said...

I love your snowmen header Heidi. They are really darling. Snowmen are my favorite January decorating theme but this year I am having a hard time setting them out...why do you ask...because we literally froze between Thanksgiving and Christmas and now we are baking...we were in the 90's yesterday. Hopefully we will get back to normal soon with chilly temps and rain and then out they will come...grins... I have always loved your winter lace quilt and your trees are adorable! Hugs from CA.

Anonymous said...

I love your winter decorations-truly inspirational. I hate that lost feeling after taking down all of our Christmas decorations so they disappear slowly.. I love white lights in winter--and all year. Your tree is gorgeous and so is the quilt!

Vicki said...

I like the idea of a winter tree; so much one could hang on it. And the use of bottle brush trees for something other than a holiday scene is brilliant; never occurred to me.

Oh, Heidi, I wish you could have a bit of our warm weather. It was 95 degrees Farenheit yesterday, with hot and dry winds. Our fear now is wildfire in southern California USA, as we've not had enough rain. I have had to turn on the house's central air conditioning, and we are having to soak our plants and small lawns so that they don't turn into shriveled, dead things. Ugh. It's not over yet, but winter's visit has been brief. As I type this after midnight, my feet are bare and I'm wearing a sleeveless sundress. It's just not how January is supposed to be!

Anonymous said...

As usual, I love your decorating ideas. I have certain things that I put up each year as I take down the Christmas decorations. One large shelf contains my Dutch collectibles which are always so cheery and bright - just what I need in a January kitchen.

Unknown said...

No I do an early spring look. I don't know why, I think I'm just tired of the winter look after Christmas. I do miss the lights. I'm trying to light some candles instead. I call it a spring look because it is garden/flower themed but it's actually a little somber looking, the colors seem a little dark on these grey winter days.

Melanie said...

I love your display of winter trees. It looks like a lush winter woodland. I take down my Christmas decorations the day after Christmas! It takes me awhile then to "redecorate". I always feel like I'm filling in the gaps. Oh well, it's fun doing so. :-)

Annie said...

Your home is always beautiful ! During winter, I like to bring flowers in my home : this year I have a beautiful white cyclamen and soon I'll buy hyacinthes. I hang too a little "winter cushion" on by window (a Mausimon'sone) and soon 'll hang a "Winter house", I stiched and which "ll be frame in a few days.