"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One job finished

There are many jobs still needing finished since we moved in a year ago. One of those was to finally get drapes for our bedroom. I had hung our old living room drapes for privacy the first day we moved in. I discovered that a Roman blind I had made for our previous house worked perfectly in one of the windows with just a little work on shortening it. The Roman blind is made from taupe silk. Now I really needed to give the drapes some attention. I sewed another blind for the smaller window as I still have some of the silk fabric. I finally decided to get drapes from IKEA as I have them in the guest room and really love them. They are heavy and have a nice floral pattern. I even have them in my living room but in dark brown.

 Photo after

The old drapes are a sand yellow and did not match the grey taupe walls at all but I kept putting off doing something about getting new drapes. They really looked dingy in the room also.

 Photo before

I am so pleased with these warm white drapes. They freshen up the room and work very well with the Roman blinds. I have to make one more blind for the door. I should have time over the weekend to get busy with it. I have to rework a blind I had for the previous house but should just have enough to finish this project off. 

 Photo after

Had I bought drapes again in a regular shop, I would have been investing into the 100s. The price for this project...70 euros for two sets of drapes and time/energy invested in reworking old folding blinds. I will have to buy some wood and wood slats for the last blind yet but I am really pleased with how this fit into my budget. 


Littlebit said...

Beautiful job, Heidi! It looks so cozy and warm. I love the samplers over the dresser. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love the white! It's perfect!

onlymehere said...

Augh, I'll have to run over to my other browser to see the pictures. I don't know why Mozilla won't show me all the pictures sometimes. I'm sure they're lovely though :)

Vicki said...

I so wish I had your talent for re-working things in and for the home. Wow, I envy your deep window sills to set things on. My old cottage is tiny, just two bedrooms, but we have over thirty windows and they are sill-less; I have no idea about this reasoning and style from 1923. You seem to have a good amount of storage in your new bedroom, too...another thing some old houses, like mine, LACK (especially closets...I have no closet space and it drives me bonkers). You know who I think also carries lovely drapes: Pottery Barn. It's 'way out of my budget range, though. Their paper catalogs are full of design ideas. I like to look "at the pictures"!!!

Ginny said...

Once again, you've done a wonderful job. I agree - the new drapes and shades are perfect for the room. I see a door - does that lead to your wonderful garden?

Perhaps you've inspired me to FINALLY make the curtains for my husband's space, and for the master bedroom. I have fabric for both - a nautical theme for Phil (he loves lighthouses), and a nice brown for the bedroom, which is done in brown/beige/blue. I guess I'll have to wait until the Christmas tree has been put away since I'll need the space for the cutting table . . .

Used-to-Bees said...

Lovely! Your room looks so calm and restful, and the new curtains are great! I love the chest of drawers and all the frames above - I imagine lots of lovely samplers. We're soon to embark on a revamp of our bedroom and I'm hoping the after pictures will be worth sharing - before ones would be a shocker!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Gorgeous Heidi! You really have a talent for putting the right things together in the right way.

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful things in this room - the samplers, the items on the window sill, the crocheted afghan - everything goes together so well and makes the room so warm and cozy.

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations on your new drapes. They look wonderful and really suit the room.

Nancy said...

First, I love the snowmen in your header. We had tons of snow in an hour or so last night. It is sunny today and the roads are clear. It is only about 19 degrees though.
Your room looks very nice. It made it brighten up a lot. I know you will still find a use for the other drapes you took down also.
Have fun tonight with the quilt ladies.
Love you, Mom

Reginas Cottage said...

dear heidi
wow!!!! your room looks so cosy and warm.the new curtains are perfect.
i wish you the best for 2012!!!

Annie said...

Your bedroom looks so peaceful ! Its a real pleasure !
IKEA is a good fellow and often helps us to simplify ! A good way to begin the new year !

Melanie said...

Those curtains look gorgeous in your bedroom! I love how you hung them way up high, but am trying to figure out from the photos, how you did so. It looks like some kind of rod on the ceiling? Your talent with sewing just amazes me. I can't believe you made those blinds - wow!

Jantine said...

Those look great! Well done! It always takes some courage to take up a project like this but once you have done it, it gives also a lot of satisfaction!