"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Monday, May 16, 2011

Make do and mend Mondays

The past week has flown by and it is that time once again...

Before I start with my project, I want to thank you for the response to my Monday posts. I started this as a challenge to myself but a number of people are responding that they want to join in. I am thrilled and know we can inspire each other to appreciate and use what we have in our homes. If you would like to join the Make do and Mend Mondays team, leave a comment on this post or email me. I am setting up a Make do group on my sidebar and would love to have you join us for a weekly party. Just post each Monday and be sure I have your link. It can be something you are currently doing but perhaps you have a past item you made do with that you want to share. I am excited to read about more projects and starting being inspired to more wonderful ways to create a beautiful home without breaking the bank.

We have a shelving unit in our garage with all my silk flowers and plants. I use mostly silk as severe allergies has prevented us from having many sorts of real flowers in our home. Good quality silk flowers are not cheap but do last a long time. That makes their initial cost worth it in the end. But sometimes, I pull out something that just seems a little tired after years of use. On top of that, I was in the mood for something new to use for a spring decoration.

I took a bouquet of ranunculus and clipped the blooms off individually. I then clipped the leaf steams off to use as filler.

I took a wooden trough that I have and started placing the flowers in bending the stems to the shape of the bowl. Once the flowers are arranged, start filling in with the leaves.

It looked nice at this point but I felt it needed that extra touch. I tried weaving in a string of pearls but it did not show up enough so I remember a black bead garland I have and tried it instead.

Perfect! They showed up and yet gave it a dainty touch. I love pink and black together.

Adding a doll quilt I made with pink fabrics, a stitched Welcome greeting in a stand and a pretty pink candle completes the vignette. As you walk into my living room, this is your greeting. As the stitching says 'Welcome Friends and Neighbors'.

Just looking around my home and using my imagination has given me a new spring table.

May I send you a challenge? Go through you own home and look for things you have that you can use in a new way to create a decoration that says spring. Don't forget to contact me to link to you the Make do and Mend Mondays party.


Nancy said...

This turned out really nice. Eric is here with McKenzie, so he is chasing a little one year old around. It is too cute. He just loves her.
I am going to post Eric's quilt he made from civil war scraps today.
So what will we see next week? Oh, by the way, I am making something for you.??????
Love you, Mom

Tracy said...

LOVELY, Heidi! The pink & black look great together, and nice textural interest. :o) Happy Spring Days ((HUGS))

Tammy said...

Heidi - That turned out really pretty! I have a small rectangular wooden dough bowl that I've used pinecones and battery-operated candles in before, but it would be fun to fill it with Spring flowers. I'll have to do some hunting and see what I have around here. I'm loving these Mondays! :o)

terricheney said...

I'm joining in this week with 'new' bedding...

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Hey girl! Missed you on blogs. Hope everything is going well. Your tulip is stunning in the header pic!


Jantine said...

I love what you did with the beads and silk flowers! But I am not going to take up the challenge, just too busy ;-).

Anonymous said...

Quite a transformation Heidi. You are full of creative ideas and have an eye for reinventing items in your home.

I don't have the time to participate in Make Do And Mend Mondays, but it is good to hear that so many people want to join you. Have fun!

Marie x

Annie said...

I like the way you use and re use the things you have around you ! I try not to buy new things and I'm happy with this way of life !

Melanie said...

Love your pink silk roses - they look real! A very warm, inviting welcome indeed.

Rhonda said...

Hello Heidi
I love your theme and button, and you know me well enough to know it is just my cup of tea.
I've got a couple things going but this has been such a hectic week. I will try to post tomorrow.

Rhonda said...

Hello again
I did a post about make do and mend on my blog,
about a blouse I re-did, the switched around playrooms and breakfast rooms.

hope you are having a nice long weekend.

Marsha said...

Heidi this is so pretty. I love the black garland, it really sets off the pink. I used to hate pink but it is really growing on me.