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~ Henry Van Dyke

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A pot of warmth.....

A good way to be frugal is to eat seasonal vegetables. Right now, one of the vegetables in Holland that is cheap to buy due to it being in season is cauliflower. You can buy some beautiful large heads of it for only 89 cents in some shops. I purchased one so large this week that we had to cut up and place half in the fridge for later.

The other half was used to make our dinner for tonight. Since it has become cooler, I am feeling very cold. Back to a warm pair of socks and a sweater to keep me warm. Another favorite way to keep warm is a hot bowl of soup! One of my favorite pastimes in making soup so I wanted to share this Scandinavian Cauliflower soup with you.

Cut up your cauliflower into flowerlets.

Slice two onions.

Boil two cups (500ml) water with two vegetable bouillon tablets. Add onion to the boiling water.

Also add the cauliflower and bring back to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and cover for approximately 20 minutes. The cauliflower must be soft and tender so this time may vary. Check it on and off by pricking with a fork.

Once tender, blend the mixture together. Do not drain the bouillon before blending. As you see, I use a hand stickblender but you can use a regular blender for this also.

Make a simple rue by melting two tablespoons of butter (30 gram) and stirring in two tablespoons of flour (30 gram) until it is smooth and bubbly. Gradually add a cup of water (250ml) to the mixture. Let it come to a boil stirring constantly.

Add the rue to your blended cauliflower and allow to heat to a boil. Salt and pepper the soup to taste. I use freshly ground pepper and sea salt.

Finally, pour in one cup of low fat half and half (250ml gemengd koffiemelk met halfvolle melk). Once again allow to heat up to (but not) boil. Serve in a bowl with grated nutmeg and your soup is ready! Eat this soup with a chunky bread as it is wonderful dipped in the soup.

Cauliflower soup is delicious served hot or cold. A perfect thing to make up and serve at a picnic!

I hope my soup will warm you body and soul! I find many people who say they normally are not fans of cauliflower do enjoy this recipe. Why not give it a try?


Elizabethd said...

This sounds lovely Heidi. I sometimes make a cauliflower and Stilton cheese soup, which is quite rich...one for the Winter.

Saskia said...

I'm kinda strange..., (well, you know me, so you KNOW)but I love cauliflower. Even as a child, I loved it. Without the white sauce though!
I like it with cream cheese, or with gravy, potatoes and a meatball.
And in soup, and as a cream soup.
Good to hear, there cheaper now, have to buy some tomorrow.

Andylynne said...

I love Cauliflower in any form. Interesting that it is a stable in Holland. It's times like this I know how much I don't really know :) But it's good to find out. I will try the soup a little later on. It's in the high 90sF, so maybe I should have it cold.

Andylynne said...

Ok that would be STAPLE,not a place to put your livestock :)

Jenny said...

I love to make soup!! There is nothing like homemade soup to warm up a body heart and soul. Your cauliflower soup sounds wonderful and I can hardly wait to give it a try. We are in the dog days of summer here in CA. but fortunately we have not been really hot, usually in the 90's. So as soon as we cool down out comes my stock pot and in it goes soup! Yey. I hope you are having a good day Heidi. Hugs from CA.

Deborah said...

The soup sounds lovely Heidi. I sometimes use cauliflower instead of pasta for a fake mac and cheese. It's pretty good.

Linda said...

We love cauliflower and your soup sounds so good, a hint of nutmeg.....yummy...hugs, Linda

Littlebit said...

Heidi, another thing we have in common. I love, love, love making and eating soup! :) Will have to try this one when it cools off.

Susan in SC said...

It looks like potato soup. Sounds wonderful for a cool day. My boys think we have to have soup everyday!

DonnaTN said...

Your soup sounds delicious. It has been super hot in Memphis with temps at 100+ all week. I will dream of cool fall temps and your soup!

Brigitta said...

Well, I absolutely shudder when I hear the word cauliflower, but I can imagine that this soup will be okay, so I might give it a try.

Have a great weekend!


Caroline said...


Cauliflower is not my favourite veggie, find it rather boring. Am addicted to soup though, so am very tempted to try this one!
Have been thinking about you lately, how is the move coming on?
Hope you are enjoying summer!


Sammy said...

I love cauliflower, and I eat it baked with some tomato sauce, garlic, and olive oil. But this recipe is much quicker . I will try it for sure, and I will tell you all about it-!!

Thank you for sharing,

-Samya ;-)

Nancy said...

Well, I have to say it does look good. I love your split pea soup and also your onion soup. I also love the bread you serve with it.
When we went to Ireland, they served a cream soup every evening and they were very good.
Happy eating.
Love you, Mom

Tracy said...

I love cauliflower and LOVE cauliflower soup--lovely recipe, Heidi! Very soon, with autumn not too long off, we'll be seeing cauliflower at the shops, so I want to try this recipe. Thank you! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Simple Home said...

This does sound good. I have several around here that love cauliflower too, and this sounds like a great hot soup for them. They like their soup hot though, so I think I'll wait until our weather is a bit cooler :-)

Sonja said...

En ik heb al mogen proeven hoe lekker deze soep kan zijn!