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And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Women ... which are you?

For my AllThingsAlcott challenge, I have reread Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I really love this heart warming story! From the moment I open the book, I move as a shadow among the March family watching with as much pleasure and longing as Laurie does as he watches them from his window next door. The book is not the same in many aspects as the various films created over the years. I will do a post about all three movie version in a later post but recommend you read this book if you have only seen the movie.

I was thinking about these four sisters and how, like my own family, they are all different. Have you ever considered which of these four sisters you are most like? Or perhaps you are a combination of some of them?

I think I have some of Meg, Jo and Beth in me. I think I have Meg's sensibility and feeling for responsibility. I have Jo's passion, creativity and sense of unbridled fun. I also have her feeling of shrugging off what people might not approve of. She is not worried about growing up and being a lady but being alive! I have Beth's sensitivity and, at times, her shyness although that has so improved with age. I don't feel I have Amy in me. My mother always used to jokingly call me Homespun Heidi so no Amy there.

What about you? I would love to hear your thoughts on these four sisters.....


Nancy said...

I honestly cannot remember them well enough to say. I did not see the new movie but saw the first one. I just remember the sadness of it. I don't think I ever read the book. Too long ago for me.
Have a good weekend.
Love you, Mom

Linda said...


I've read this book many times. My favorite movie version is the one with June Allison as Jo... I also collect different editions of the book itself. As far as me, I would say I have more of Meg in me - the seriousness, a bit of sterness, and the sensibility. But I also have bits of Beth in me, being a homebody, being a bit shy and quiet. Amy - probably not at all.... Jo - well, her love of books and writing.

Linda in VA

Babs in Alabama said...

Heidi, I read this book so many times as a young girl..I would check it out of the library so often, my handprints must still be on that old book in that old library. I had no sisters and that was the biggest fascination for me and I may identify a little with each of them, even the mom.
thanks for the memory,
babs, who must read it one more time at least

Simple Home said...

I love this book. I love the movies too. I'd have to say that at different times in my life I've been more like each of them, but now I'm probably more like Marmee, since I have a brood of my own :-)

Andylynne said...

I love Little Women,and all of her other books too. I recently had Little Women as a book on tape. I enjoyed "reading" it over several days. I also did various web serches on Ms Alcott. Boned up on her life again. What she was all abotu so to speak. I'm more like Jo in my impetious nature. I was very interested in Mr. Alcott, and his society and social opinions. I like your challange. My all time favorite books though are Eight cousins and Rose in bloom.

Birgit said...

Hi Heidi,

I like your post at On The Porch Swing and found my way to your blog through that group.

I haven't read "Little Women" yet, but have seen two movie versions.

By the way, while I like the feel of your blog, I don't like the music at all (not just yours -- it's the same with every blog). That's why it's likely I won't visit again -- my pet peeve. Sorry!

Greetings from Munich,

Jenny said...

Ah Little Women.... I love this book and still read from my original copy that I received as a young girl for Christmas. I must admit that I am probably more like Beth then anyone. I probably have a little Meg and a little Jo inside me as well because of my sensibility and love for books but Beth just feels like me. I have seen the two movie versions and like them both but nothing compares to the book..grins... I also love An Old-Fashioned Girl and a most recent book written about Louisa May Alcott called The Lost Summer Of Louisa May Alcott. Anything Alcott is right up my alley, even the music from the movies. Have a good weekend Heidi. Hugs.

DonnaTN said...

I have to agree with Jenny that An Old-Fashioned Girl is my favorite LMA book. I am more a combo of Meg and Beth with a tiny pinch of Jo, but no Amy at all. If it is not too snarky to explain to anyone who doesn't enjoy your music to just use the mute button on their computer. (See that is the practical Meg with a dash of outspoken Jo!)

Saskia said...

Since it was with you I watched one of the DVD's (an older edition), it all came back to me. And I think i have a part of all four girl, but I have to say about 60% is Jo..
And it's that Donna already wrote that down,( you can turn of the music on your computer) otherwise I would have said it... O, I did anyway! LOL

Elizabethd said...

I grew up reading Little Women, and then Good Wives, and still love them. I think you are right, a bit of each girl is encapsulated in us all.

Dena said...

I'm not sure which I am, but I am feeling like reading it again after your post! I just happen to have a beautiful old hard copy that is now calling my name.

Happy Weekend!


FIONA said...

Great choice of book - an all time favourite!! I have enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Oh, I have always loved "Little Women" And like you, Heidi, I think I have a bit of Meg, Jo and Beth in my--especially Meg and Beth, not as "wild" as Jo, but do have her creative sensibilities. I have no Amy in me, either. Her selfish ways are not something the resonate with me. I like all of L.M. Alcott--must revisit soon. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Always a favorite book of course!

How are you dear - have you moved yet? I've been busy traveling and am just taking a minute to get caught up right now. The heat here has made Summer miserable but soon I'm heading to northern California where, hopefully, it will be cooler. I just don't do well in these 100 degree humid southern days!

I'm off for another thyroid ultrasound this week - how is yours doing Heidi? - I always think of you and hope you are doing much better.

Hugs - Mary

Jeanne said...

This is one of my all-time favorite books Heidi. I think I identified most with Meg and Jo - I like being home puttering around my house and of course like Jo I always loved to read. Then again, I have always wanted to learn to play the piano (Beth), and I like elegant things (Amy) so I guess I am mix of all of them! When I was a pre-teen I read this book several times and I can still recite Jo's 'My Beth' poem from memory. I bought myself a very nice hardbound edition some years back just to have it. My favorite version is the one with Winona Ryder - I think the casting of all the actors in this one was PERFECT and of course I love the soundtrack. I do not like the one with Katherine Hepburn at all - I was never much of a fan of hers and I think she over-acts. (Just my humble opinion!) I have Paula Vaughan's chart of Little Women and someday hope to stitch it.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, but,well, your Mom almost knocked me over getting to the kitchen to try those new recipes. More than a grin. More like HA,HA,HA.