"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Friday, April 16, 2010

Something behind the symbol?

Last week, in the midst of being very busy getting our photographs ready for selling our house, I went to a new shop with a friend of mine. She discovered it recently and came to take me to see it. She was so right! It was amazing and I wish I had taken my camera. When you go inside the building, it is like you went outside into a quaint Dutch street. I promise I will get photos on my next visit. And yes, there will be a next visit. *grins*

I bought this beautiful large stone pot which was marked down 50%. I love it sitting by my woodstove. It has a pretty crackle finish with red and rusty hues.

Ranunculus look perfect in it! I love these spring beauties. And don't you just love the folk name for them...Persian buttercups? Recently we potted up our window boxes for spring with some colorful blooms. I had a few over and planted them up in a tall planter to sit by the front door.

Since I love The Language of Flowers, I decided to look up what the meaning of ranunculus were. Their message is 'you are radiant charm or you are attractive'. I had to smile at this with them being in boxes behind the house, at the front door and by the hearth. With our house officially up for sale today, I hope someone receives that message and falls in love with the house.


Elizabethd said...

I'm sure they will love your house, especially with such a lovely floral welcome!

Roberta said...

Love the crockery pot and the flowers. Your planter looks lovely by the front door.

Nancy said...

I love that pot you bought. Perfect for that spot. The flowers in the other one are so pretty to.
It sounds like a neat shop.
I just know your house is going to sell soon. Maybe even tomorrow when the first person comes to see it. Good luck.
Love you, Mom

Jenny said...

The flowers are lovely Heidi both in your new pot by the hearth and outside. Flowers say so much about a house and the people who live there, and yours make your house so friendly and welcoming. I am sure that whoever sees your house will want to buy it right away. Who knows maybe you will have more then one offer because everyone loves it. *Grins* I hope it all goes quickly and smoothly for you. Hope you are having a happy day.

the homely year said...

They look gorgeous...how could anyone resist those ranunculus!
Margaret and Noreen

Pondside said...

It will happen - I know it will!

Carolien said...

Hello Heidi,

Your pot is beautiful! Very special. I didn't know about the other name, Persian buttercup, how nice ...
I hope the flowers will help you in selling your house soon!

Have a nice weekend & hugs, Carolien

DonnaTN said...

The ranunculus is lovely and so is your new pot! Your home is so lovely it should sell quickly! I'll keep good thoughts coming your way.

Brigitte said...

The ranunkulus in that stone pot look so beautiful. My husband planted some yesterday and I'm so curious to see what colour they will have. Menawhile I love to look at all the violets on our lawn.

Sonja said...

Wat heerlijk, weer een nieuwe winkel, met de nodige 'must-have' spulletjes!
En met zulke bloemen bij de voordeur, wordt een mogelijke koper vast positief beinvloed!

Enjoy the Seasons said...

Hallo Heidi,
Erg mooie vaas heb je gevonden!
Ik vind trouwens je bloemen ook leuk staan in de bloembak.
Ben benieuwd naar je foto's die je gemaakt hebt van dat winkeltje. Is altijd weer leuk zoiets!
Groeten van Vroni

Tammy said...

Your home is so lovely Heidi of course it will sell quickly.
What a great find and thanks for sharing the flowers with us..so pretty!

Marsha said...

I love your new header with the windmill. Brings joy to see it.

The new crock looks great. I love flowers too. I hope your house sells quickly for you.

Tone said...

I just adore ranunkles!!!
Have tried to have them in my garden over winter, but they freeze down.....but I always buy them for my livingroom.
Peonas, roses and ranunkles are my favourites!
This weekend I have made some marzipan cakes for my friends celebrations again - and also made a bag for my friends birthday.
I am so glad I finished it yesterday, because today I am on the sofa - my head tearing appart, I sneeze and feel terribly...but, I think it is all the trees and flowers starting...have never been allergic before, but the last years I think something has been going on.
Have a nice weekend!!