"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A warm hearth...

After missing many weekends up at Cranberry Cottage, we are finally going again. It has been a combination of the winter weather, my medication affecting me and Jos' work that has kept us from going up lately. We went for a day at the beginning of February to find our dirt road packed with a thick solid layer of ice. It was impossible to walk on the path without major risk of falling.

I thought it would be fun to show a Cranberry Cottage of earlier days. This 'bos hut' or wood house is in the Dutch open air museum. It was originally near where our new cottage was. I just love the look of this place so let's go see if we can look inside...

The cottage has a single small room for living space. The wood stove keeps it amply warm. There are chairs around the room but no sofas for these poorer families. A foot warmer sits in front of one of the chairs. You simply add a few hot coals in the carved wooden warmer and place your feet on top. They have a 'bedstee' which is a bed in a cupboard in the wall. It is not long as they believed you must sleep sitting up in order not to drown in your own body fluids.

Space for a sheep or pig in the entrance to the little closet.

And conveniences in the form of this brick outhouse. I must admit that I would enjoy going back in time to experience the life and its hardships. I would choose various times as I think it would be fascinating to see how people adapted in their various times.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Would you only want to see a certain time period?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am off to say hello to all the birds at our cottage and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the city.


Anonymous said...

Every time you show photos of things like this, I so want to move to Holland;-)

Enjoy your time at the cottage.


Maggie said...

Wonderful pictures :-)

I often think i should like to experience life in another time. I think we take for granted all modern conviences we have and how hard it must have been without things like automatic washing machines & tumble dryers!! My kids have always taken central heating for granted and cannot beleive me when i tell them when i was growing up we had no central heating and in my bedroom in winter time if it was especially cold there was ice on the INSIDE of my window in the morning!!

I don't know if you get British Tv where you are but there was a series of programmes not long ago where they put families to live in houses in Wales and they had to live & work & eat how families would have done in war time, Another good programme it was a real eye opener! Another good programme was the 1940's house, which was along similar lines.

great post :-)

DonnaTN said...

Have a great time this weekend! I often wish I could experience living in another time. I have watched a number of PBS shows where people were "transported" to another time to live. Of course there were video cameras to document everything, so how authentic was it? I don't know, but it sure is intriguing!

Cindy at her Country Home said...

Hello my dearest Heidi, wist je dat wij bijna 18 jaar geleden in dit museum onze trouwfoto's shoot hebben gemaakt. Zo leuk en mooi daar hé. Heb even geen blogs meer kunnen lezen de laatste tijd, moest even heel streng zijn voor mezelf. Maar nu bij jou weer heerlijk bijgelezen en wat las ik ben je een jaar ouder geworden, heb ik dat goed gelezen? Laat het me maar even weten! Lenteliefs van Cin x

Elizabethd said...

What a pretty little cottage, it must be fascinating to look round, and to know the history of those who once lived there.

Caroline said...


Have a great weekend! Glad to hear that you are feeling up to going up to the cottage again.
Did you receive my e-mail a couple of days ago?

Have fun,


Carolien said...

Yes, I think that often when I see cottages like this, houses or landscapes. The Middle Ages or the 19th century would be nice! ;)

Have a great weekend - finally back at CC!

Hugs, Carolien

Sonja said...

I think I rather stay in this time. I cannot look forward to going to that convenience outside in wintertime...Brr..(once on a holliday there was such a house, but the smell is not so convenient..

Nan said...

Fascinating about the reason for sleeping sitting up. I've never heard that before.

Celestial Charms said...

I do often wish I could go back in time for a quick visit. I would probably choose to visit London in the times of Charles Dickens. I have a theory that the place/time we would choose to visit, is the very place/time we may have lived before ;)

Simple Home said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. I'd love to see more. They mentioned foot warmers in the book I just posted about (Hans Brinker). I must admit, I didn't know what they looked like until now. I've often thought I'd like to go back in time too, but I do enjoy our modern conveniences.

Rhonda said...

Hello Heidi
just stopping by to check how you are and say hello
I've not had time to blog or read many blogs lately,

your St. Pats picture and background look so pretty.

talk to you soon
xox Rhonda

Tone said...

HOpe you enjoyed your trip to Cranberry C.
I think the word "the Cranberry cottage" seems so romantic...!
I often think of how it is to go back in time....in Myklebyseter where we have our cottage, it is 27 farmers using their mountain "farm" - it is so idyllic!! - they bring their sheeps and cows as well. We also know the story of the place - my father in law has recently written a book that tells the story for 400 years!!
Here spring has arrived - but still 1meter of snow in the garden...
Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Hé,lekker ding.Ik heb genoten van je site met al die mooie foto's.Ga je eerdaags ook foto's maken van "Granberry Cottage in de lente"?? Ik kijk er naar uit!!! Liefs en hugs.

*Ulrike* said...

It would be interesting to be in a different time period just to see how things were done. I'd either have to be one that could wear the beautiful dresses or one that learned about herbs going through the forest! The cottage was very interesting although I think I'd want the animals in the barn!

Jenny said...

Hello Heidi! What a wonderful blog! Now I am really excited! I loved the pictures you posted. Holland is the place I want to visit the most someday. :) I have always wanted to go back in time to the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved her books growing up, I read her books to my first grade class when I was teaching, and my most treasured memories are of reading them to my children. The next place I would travel to would be Holland during the time of Hans Brinker, another favorite book of mine! :) Your cottage sounds just lovely, what a wonderful place to go and visit and relax!

Hugs from California !

le ciel flamand said...

Heerlijk, een klein verblijfje waar je je even kunt terugtrekken, weg van het dagelijkse geweld...
Ik zou wel eens willen terugkeren naar ons dorp anno 1906. Toen werd ons huis gebouwd, en ik ben helemaal weg van de kleding in die periode. Want toen hadden de mensen nog tijd om iets te maken, en aandacht voor details. Ik hou ook van alle spullen die uit die tijd stammen, maar dat heb je waarschijnlijk al gemerkt op mijn blog ;o)
Groetjes, Annelies

Nancy said...

I have one thing to say about this cottage, YOURS IS NICER.
Love Mom