"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's snowing cats and dogs!

Okay, okay! I know that the saying goes it is raining cats and dogs but it is not raining in Holland for a change...IT IS SNOWING! Can you see the big happy grin on my face? We had to stay here this weekend as we were babysitting for a friend (more in a minute about that) but could not have gone to Cranberry Cottage as there is too much snow up north to get to the cottage. I went out yesterday with a friend and will share photos of that on the next entry but today it is stay at home and watch the snow kind of day. Our table has a nice fat layer of snow covering it like whipped cream.

Last night after dinner, we turned on the TV and Dagi's favorite show was on BBC2 Wales. My cat loved to watch the One Man and His Dog competitions. He really watches it intensely so we put a chair right in front of the TV for him.

England won this year and I think Dagi approved, don't you? *wink*

Today we were dogsitting for my friend Saskia. Rover is a very handsome and amazingly behaved black Lab. He is just the greatest dog. We took him out for a walk in the snow and he did not mind posing for a photo with me.

We live on the edge of a newly built neighborhood. Just a block from us is the park. There is also a woods with a beautiful old farmhouse dating back to the middle ages. Normally you see sheep in this field but it was too cold today.

One section of the park is always full of young people flying kites. Now I don't know about you but flying a kite brings up Mary Poppins like images of paper kites flying in the spring breeze but these are serious kites nowadays. The young men using them had skies on. These are powerful things and can lift them right up into the air.

Our garden has a huge layer of snow now. I think this is the most I have seen since I have lived in Holland. It feels like being back home in Ohio on a lighter snow day.

As far as Saskia's day out with her parents, they had to turn around and come back home. The musical they were attending as a surprise for her father's birthday today was canceled but we did get to enjoy Rover for a couple of hours. She gave me this wonderful gift for dogsitting, like I needed to be rewarded for something that fun?

So I dug into my collection of pine and berries and already have the basket in use as decoration with the candles lit. Thanks Saskia and I hope you and Rover are safe and warm back home now!


*Ulrike* said...

What beautiful snow! It's nice that you live in an area where you still have some woods, and sheep! How cool is that?! The cat is too funny! You never know what animals will do!
Hope you enjoy your snow (it missed us here), and look forward to seeing more photos!

Anonymous said...


Nancy said...

Wow, snow in Holland just for Miss Pickles the elf. I bet Jos asked for it especially for you. It looks great. We have some too.
You and Saskia's dog make a very cute picture.
What can I say about my beautiful Grandkitty. He is really watching that show. Silly cat, Oh sorry Dagi, King.
Love you, Mom

Cindy at her Country Home said...

Hallo lieve Heidi, wat heb ik genoten op je blog! Wat een prachtige boom heb je, dol op die leuke huisjes, je lieve kat z'n favoriete programma aan het kijken en dan dat prachtige verhaal in je Christmas Village. Aaaahhhh... ben gewoon aan het gillen! Het allerleukste vind ik toch wel de foto met je lieve oppashond, hebben we een gezicht achter al die prachtigheden. Dankjewel voor dit genieten en heb wederom heerlijk van de muziek genoten. Warme winter hartengroeten van Cinx

Saskia said...

O, you look just like mary poppins with Rover.
I don't mind you borrowed Rover for the perfect winter picture.
And I love to give gifts, so Thank you! for wanting to babysit Rover.I got home save and sound, And inside my warm home it's a wonderful snowy world.
When are you going to cranberry cottage? Hope you have a perfect christmas.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

How lovely to see a picture of your pretty self!!!

And I'm so happy you have some snow for Christmas. Although, with the snow difficulties, you may not be that thrilled. :-)

Your cat is so funny. Isn't that amazing, how he can become so interested in those dog 'trials.' :-)

And oh the black Lab! One of our son's [and family] has 2 black Labs and the whole family loves them dearly.

Enjoy the snow!!!

Carolien said...

A tv-chair for a cat, ahah??? Is Dagi spoiled or spoiled! ;) Big fun it is anyway ...
I like the picture of you and the dog. And well, ENJOY THE SNOW! The girls made a snow bear tonight, fun.

Bye & hugs, Carolien

Maggie said...

Heidi, you have had more snow than us in the UK, well the Midlands area anyhow! We woke up to just a light dusting today, although it's is really cold so the little snow we did get is still here! Hopefully it will stay until christmas day, that would be lovely :-)
LOL at your cat watching the TV, he looks really intent on watching!

Have a great week and a fantastic Christmas:-)

Joni said...

Heidi, you and Rover look great together. How does Dagi like having Rover over? And I laughed my fool head off at Dagi watching his favorite program. That cat is too smart!! I'm glad you're enjoying your snow. Stay bundled up and drinks lots of warm drinks!

Susan in SC said...

I am so happy your got your snow and are enjoying it so much! Dagi is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really got some snow!!! I am glad you are enjoying it and I am so happy to see you and your new dog!!! ha ha!! I know you were just baby sitting....
My favorite was Dagi watching tv. What a complete riot AND watching a DOG show!!!
Diane in MI

Kaaren said...

Dagi li like my Westie, Mac. We play "The Incredible Journey" for him and he watches the entire movie. I think he has seen it 50+ times now and he never tires of it.

What an excellent photo of you and Rover with all the clean, white snow as a backdrop. Your courtyard looks wonderful with the snow. Do you think it will last til Christmas?

Marsha said...

Your garden looks soooo pretty. An awesome picture. Keep warm. You have more snow than we do now in Loveland, Ohio. Love the cat watching the dog trials. what a character.

Karen said...

Beautiful snowfall and you with the black lab - ADORABLE :)

Hugs - karen

Ginny said...

What a funny cat! We've caught our critters (2 cats and one dog) watching TV for brief moments of time, but nothing as intense as Dagi!

The snow pictures are lovely. You may have heard about the storm that hit the east coast of the US - up to 20" of snow was expected; I haven't checked the amounts today. We were fortunate not to get any of it. Still, there's nothing like seeing new fallen snow.

Linda said...

How beautiful your world is and as Bing sings...it does look like a marshmellow world...hugs, Linda

DonnaTN said...

The snow looks beautiful. My dog is mostly black lab with a little chow thrown in. (She has a black tongue.) She can be the sweetest angel or she can be the biggest pest. Now before you say why didn't you train her better, I have only had her for about a year and a half. She had about 4 years of very poor training or any kind of attention before she came to me and I'm still trying to "fix" all that. But I love her and wouldn't give her back for anything!

Reginas Cottage said...

hello heidi
we have also snow,here in germany,
it looks soooooo wonderful.
wonderful pictures from your garden
and you and the dog looks very nice.
thank you so much for the wonderful
i wish you a wonderful christmas and a happy new year!!!

Lynda said...

Even we don't have snow, Heidi! We've had one snowfall that's pretty much gone now and the forecast is for rain Christmas day. Not that I mind ... it's much easier to travel in the rain than in snow!

Merry Christmas to you and Jos!


angelasweby said...

Dagi watches One Man and his Dog as intently as we do...haha! It's always been a huge favourite of ours from many years ago when Phil Drabble used to present it. Jack loves the names of the dogs, they are always called Meg or Fly...lovely old doggy names!

The snow on your garden table looks just like a marshmallow. It's perfect. No wonder you are happy staying at home. You have had much more snow than we have. i love it and it has really made the build up to Christmas magical.

You look lovely in the photo with Rover. It's a great way of getting exercise :>) Years ago our little border collie used to get like icy crystals between her toes so she used to turn tail and head for home very quickly !!

I love that beautiful basket Saskia gave you as a thank you gift. The little lanterns are lovely.
Hugs Angela

Simple Home said...

I love all the beautiful snow pictures. I'm amazed that these guys would get out and fly kites in snow weather. It's nice to see you too. Great gifts from your friend, who has a beautiful name. Those cat photos were the greatest. I'm such a cat person. I love their unique personalities.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I just saw it for the first time and I like reading your writing. The snow is so beautiful; it's snowing cats and dogs here in Missouri (U.S.) too!

Nishant said...

snow in Holland just for Miss Pickles the elf. I bet Jos asked for it especially for you. It looks great. We have some too.

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kanishk said...

The cat is too funny! You never know what animals will do!

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