"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Simple gifts...

While I was sitting out by our buddleia (butterfly bush) at Cranberry Cottage stitching, I noticed this feather laying in the grass. I was so excited to find that our friend, the Great Spotted woodpecker, had left me a simple gift. Isn't it beautiful!?!

The woodpeckers come to our peanut feeder which we leave up year round for them. In the mornings, we are greeted with the shrill, single chirp of this beautiful bird. We love to sit and watch them at the feeder but have never been able to get a good photo as they are very shy. If they see movement from our large picture windows, they fly off so I have borrowed a photo from an online encyclopedia just in case you have not been fortunate enough to have seen one of these birds.

I love to watch the birds while I sit to quilt or stitch. They even come to feeders outside while we are out on the patio all but the woodpecker. This beauty would rather dine in quiet splendor.

"HIS bill an auger is,
His head, a cap and frill.
He laboreth at every tree, --
A worm his utmost goal."

The Woodpecker by Emily Dickinson

Be sure to put your speakers on for a fun blast from the past. As many of you know, I try and match my music to my post whenever possible ... so I hope you enjoy this one! We even call our little friend Woody and we have a robin called Robbie who is the boss in the garden. *grins* Robins here in Europe are tiny little birds who stay here year round. They claim a garden as their own.


Nancy said...

I have seen this bird in your garden and did manage to get a fairly good picture of him.
It is too funny the little robin is the boss. LOL.
If Dagi was out, HE would be the boss.
Love you, Mom

Linda said...


We have some woodpeckers around us too. I love them! I think it is so interesting how the feather is all polka dotted. I would think it would be solid for some reason.

Linda in VA

Linda said...

Heidi...your music was perfect, too fun! What a beautiful feather and bird...I love collecting feathers...but I've never found one as pretty as this one...enjoy your little friend...hugs, Linda

Rhonda in OK said...

Hello Heidi
When lived in the country, I never did see the woodpeckers but I frequently Heard them hard at work, pecking on trees.

You leave the nicest comments on blogs! I'm glad you like my patchwork in my pantry - but if anyone should a patchwork pantry, it is you!

Judy said...

Oh Heidi how beautiful he is. I have a pair of Dove's visiting this summer and I enjoy sitting and watching them.

Tam said...

What a very special gift left for you. I collect feathers I find and put them in a glass vase, this feather you have is beautiful.
Loved the music!

DonnaTN said...

What a beautiful bird with such an interesting feather. I love watching the birds in my back yard. I was so excited the day I saw a piliated woodpecker. He was gorgeous with his red pointy head, but alas no photo either!

Sonja said...

Hi Heidi, what a beautiful dotted feather. Never knew they could be like this. I cannot hear your music on my phone (I don't even know if it is possible) but I think it could sound like Woody Woodpecker?? Liefs

Tracy said...

Loved this Simple Gifts post, Heidi...Woodpeckers are such beautiful creature--their feather are a delight to find. We don't have such woodpeckers here...or not that I have seen--LOL! Hope you are doing well. Thanks you so much for visiting me today. It made me smile to see you there in the comments! Happy weekend ahead, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Happy@Home said...

I am always excited when I find a pretty bird feather. I have never seen one this cute. I love the big polka dots. Your music is the perfect accompaniement to this post.

Brenda said...

What a beautiful feather! I would keep that under a cloche or in an apothecary jar for safe keeping with some other bird-related things!