"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
~ Henry Van Dyke

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What do you do on a winter's day?

You go to the museum, of course. For some months now there is an exhibit in two museums in Holland of the Dutch realist painter Anton Mauve. I had been wanting to go to at least one of the two. The Singer Museum in Laren is not too far of a drive so we decided to go there. I had read information about this painter online after having seen advertisements about the exhibit. It was my first time to see his paintings and well worth the visit.

He painted Dutch landscapes in the village of Laren where he lived from 1885 to his death. These are some examples of the woman of the village which he painted in their daily life.

One of the things I loved about this exhibit was reading little excerpts from letters he wrote to his wife which were printed on the walls. I am going to include two of them and do my best to translate them to their due worth giving Anton Mauve's letters justice...

"Een mooi land, prachtige heide, schapen zijn er ook, magnifique rieten daken en zeer vriendelijke hoekjes".

'A beautiful countryside, pretty heather with sheep, magnificent thatched roofs and very cozy spots.'

"‘t Is aandoenlijk mooi hier, van een fijnheid van lijnen, een liefelijke poezij straalt uit alles, binnenhuizen, wegen, akkers, boschjes en de menschen is van ‘t liefste soort dat te bedenken is".

'It is movingly beautiful here, from the delicate lines, a sweet poetry streams from everything... inside homes, roads, fields, woods and the kindest people that one can think of.'


Nancy said...

Very beautiful paintings. Simple things seem to come out the nicest I think. This is my kind of art. It is extremely cold her tonight. I am going to hunt a blanket for over me soon. Oh, my sister bought me one of the blanket things you laughed about, It comes with a book light.
I could get it out. Hummm.
Love you, Mom

Rhondi said...

Hello Heidi
Going to an art gallery is a perfect thing to do on a winter day. We are having unusually cold weather here and I don't like it one bit!
I hope the new year is a good one for you!
Hugs, Rhondi

azahar said...

Too cold for me to be outside. I'll just stay where it is warm and comfy....

Linda said...

Sounds like a lovely day...and what wonderful art. His paintings are beautiful and gentle and what sweet words to his wife....

Anonymous said...

Heidie en Jos,
Veul hail en zeeg'n in 't nije joar !! Oftewel: Alle goeds voor 2010 :)

Groetjes, Janneke.

Saskia said...

The paintings are indeed beautiful. Once I went often to museums, but lately I don't give myself the time and the pleasure.
Need to buy an museum year ticket.
Maybe that will help me make time.
And I spent a lot of time in the Laren Singer museum. The restaurant is lovely too.
So another good resolution, go to the museum more often.
See you wednesday

*Ulrike* said...

So simple yet so beautiful. Plus the letters to his wife showed how much he wanted to share it with her.

Carolien said...

Lovely, Heidi! I love Dutch landscapes and artists painting like this. I'm awfully Dutch, am I not?! ;)

Have a nice evening & hugs, Carolien

hazel said...

Such lovely gentle paintings Heidi, I must admit to not knowing the painter but one worth making a note of.

It is very, very cold here in the UK my little pond has been frozen for over a week now.

Hazel (UK)

Susan in SC said...

Beautiful paintings.

Celestial Charms said...

Beautiful paintings you have posted for us to see. What a talented artist he was, and how wonderful that you are taking time to broaden your horizons culturally. We all should support the arts when we have the opportunity.

Brigitte said...

Oh Heidi, thanks for sharing these pictures. The paintings are wonderful and the letters so touching.
Actually I also was at a museum last Monday to see an exhibition about the Ice Age. They were showing the little figurines of mammuts, bears and women they recently found in some caves near here. Very exciting.
I've just seen that you have a song of Loreena MacKennitt in your playlist. I love them all, she's a wonderful singer.

le ciel flamand said...

Allerbeste wensen voor 2010! Dit zijn het soort schilderijen waar ik erg van hou, wat een kleurenpracht, en hoe mooi is het licht weergegeven. Ook de onderwerpen spreken me aan: het eenvoudige (trage) leven van weleer...
Groetjes, Annelies

Nishant said...

It comes with a book light.
I could get it out.

Work from home India

Mary said...

Such wonderful paintings and lovely words Heidi.

Hoping your New Year has started well and continues to be a great one for you and Jos.

Freezing weather here but not complaining, yet! Carolina blue skies, sunshine and no precipitation..........but could have a little snow tomorrow! I love how it is now, warm coat, scarf and tall boots - perfect for me.

Hugs - Mary

jillybee said...

Thanks for the beautiful paintings.

I have been reading all 4 of your blogs. How you find the time to do all you do is simply amazing to me.

Downloaded your Christmas ornaments, finished one and working on the others. Thanks. Will post after I have 3 done.


Terri said...

I have a children's book with Larson pictures in it. That painting reminds me of it.

I like your winter tree, too.